Hello everyone, and welcome to 111 Archer Avenue. What started as a film review blog has become my online judgment forum. I will review the occasional movie or DVD, post an interesting trailer, critique a newly-read book, talk about sports, and share my thoughts and opinions on random issues. You can also follow me on Twitter (@OlieCoen) or check out my work on DVDTalk.com. Thank you and enjoy!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Thought - Hello!

Forgive me Blogger, for I have sinned.  It has been a year since my last post.  I created 111 Archer Avenue in order to review films.  What started out as a hobby quickly became a job, and when the fun stopped so did I.  Now, 111aa 2.0 is more wide open.  I will now, more randomly, review movies, post trailers, discuss books, talk about sports, and basically share my thoughts with anyone who cares to read them.  Have fun, leave comments, check out links, follow me on Facebook, and enjoy!

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