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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Sports - NFL Picks, Week 14

Here are my NFL Week 14 Picks:
(I was 8-8 last week, worst week so far)
Bye teams: none

Den @ Oak -  The last time these two teams played the Broncos won 37-6.  Now, to be fair that was in Denver, but not much should change as the Broncos are on a roll.  Go Peyton!

STL @ Buf - It's very frustrating to pick winners and losers in matchups between bad teams.  The Bills have a good home record and the Rams are awful on the road, so Bills I guess.
Atl @ Car - My fantasy team is out of the playoffs thanks to Matt Ryan's epic collapse over the past three games.  Ironically, the Falcons won all those games.  They will continue this week.
Dal @ Cin - Tough call in what should be a good game.  Both teams have renewed hope and are fighting for the playoffs, but with Murray back the Cowboys have a leg up.  Big D.
KC @ Cle - Yuck.  An almost unwatchable game between boring teams.  I expect an emotional letdown with the Chiefs, and the Brownies are actually playing ok.  Cleveland.
Ten @ Ind - I keep doubting Luck and he keeps proving me wrong.  I have to take him at home this week against an abysmal Titans defense in what has become a pretty nice rivalry.
NYJ @ Jax - Last week the Jets won 7-6.  What is this, baseball?  And the points were scored behind McElroy.  What is this, golf?  The Jets are messed up.  But hey, they'll probably still win.
Chi @ Min - Ponder and the Vikings just aren't scoring enough points to keep up with their opponents.  The Bears have issues, but Cutler is scoring and the Chicago D is still formidable.
SD @ Pit - I was shocked by the Steelers win last week; the Ravens should be embarrassed.  The Chargers have their own problems, but their D can stop Batch if he starts.
Phi @ TB - I don't see how the Eagles can win with the mess that they've created for themselves.  The Bucs are not awful and can definitely win at home, and they should this week.
Bal @ Was - Another player I keep doubting is RG3.  They are on a mini-roll, knocking off the G-men last week.  The Ravens lost to Charlie Batch, and should play mad, but Flacco is struggling.
Mia @ SF - The Niners allow the least amount of points per game in the league.  They got themselves into some trouble by creating a QB controversy, but they should still win easy.
NO @ NYG - Both teams are coming off big losses to division opponents and should be playing good football.  Both teams can also score points, but the Giants can actually play D.  G-men.
Ari @ Sea - The Cards only score 15 points per game, lowest in the league.  Their defense is good, but all three of their QBs stink.  Russell Wilson does not, and should lead his team to a W.
Det @ GB - The Lions are a direct reflection of their coach; a pompous, dirty, juvenile wreck.  Let's just say I don't love Jim Schwartz.  I hope and imagine that they will lose this game.

Hou @ NE - A great Monday Night matchup and the clear game of the week.  Should be a very tough and physical game with a good amount of points scored.  I'll take the Texans by a nose.


  1. Who is your pick in the Bal @ Was game? It's not clear.

    And, I've heard of taking a bull by the horns, but what happens if you take a Texan by the nose?

    1. I word it that way so I can claim that I was right either way. No, but I'll try RG3 this week and see what he can do for me. Redskins.

      You mess with a Texan you get the guns.

    2. Fool me once, shame on you...fool me again...don't, uh, don't mess with Texas!