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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Sports - NFL Picks, Week 17

Here are my NFL Week 17 Picks:
(I was 10-6 last week)
Bye teams: none

TB @ Atl - Sometimes the Week 17 games are a little wonky, as some teams have it all wrapped up and some teams are dead in the water.  Such is the case here.  The Falcons win, probably.
NYJ @ Buf - What a mess for the Jets.  They finally move on from Sanchez, only to call on him when McElroy gets hurts.  Messy, messy, messy.  With both teams out of the playoffs, Bills win.
Bal @ Cin - The Bengals surprised me last week and played themselves into the playoffs.  The Ravens already won the division, but look for them to get a practice win in Cincinatti.
Chi @ Det - The Bears are still alive, but need a win here, big time.  The Lions would like to play spoiler to their division rivals, and I think they're just nasty enough to pull it off.
Hou @ Ind - The Texans are in danger of losing their first round bye.  They need to get their act together, and now!  The Colts have nothing to play for and will lose at home to a superior team.
Car @ NO - Both teams are out, but both teams have some momentum going into next season that they would like to see continue.  The Saints are the better team and will win at home.
Phi @ NYG - The Giants are technically, TECHNICALLY, still alive.  They need to win and to have three separate teams lose.  I think they'll win, but I doubt they'll get in.
Cle @ Pit - What a sad end to the Steelers season.  It's odd to think of the Giants and the Steelers both being out of the playoffs, but cest la vie.  The Steel Curtain will get one more win though.
Jax @ Ten - No wonder the Texans and the Colts got in the playoffs; they got to face these two clowns twice each.  This is an unwatchable game.  Titans by default.
KC @ Den - So far this season the Broncos haven't fallen for trap games.  With a win here, the Broncos get a bye.  Peyton will make it happen and Denver will prepare for the playoffs.
GB @ Min - All the Vikings have to do is win to get in, and the Pack doesn't have much to play for, so I look for the Vikes to win a home game on Adrian Peterson's shoulders.
Mia @ NE - The Pats are hoping for the pieces to fall into place so that they can get a bye.  First they have to beat the Dolphins ...shouldn't be much of a problem.  Patriots.
Oak @ SD - What an end to the Norv Turner era.  The Chargers aren't awful, they just need new life.  A new coach could make the an immediate impact next season.  SD will get one more win.
STL @ Sea - The Seahawks were very impressive last week, and now are in a position to win the division.  They shouldn't have much of a problem at home against the Rams.
Ari @ SF - The Niners were embarrassed last week by the Hawks, but can still win the division and gain some momentum with a win against the Cardinals.  Should happen.
Dal @ Was - The biggest game of the week is on SNF.  Winner takes the division, loser needs some luck to get into the playoffs.  I love Romo, but the Boys will fall once again to RG3.

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