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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Sports - NFL Picks, Week 15

Here are my NFL Week 15 Picks:
(I was 11-5 last week)
Bye teams: none

Cin @ Phi - I think 'yucky' describes this matchup fairly well.  At least the Bungles are playing for a possible playoff spot and they do pretty well on the road.  They should play harder and win.

NYG @ Atl - Tough call.  The Falcons are up and down, but then again so are the Giants.  The Dirty Birds are undefeated at home and can get back on track with win here.  Hotlanta by a nose.
Den @ Bal - Neither team is playing for much more than a seed at this point so it's hard to envision a hard-fought battle here.  The Broncos are the hotter team and should win a close game.
GB @ Chi - Jay Cutler is hurt again; what else is new.  He's body is always as fragile as his psyche.  I think the Packers win this one big, even though the game is in the Windy City.
Was @ Cle -The Brownies may be on a hot streak, but I see this as one of the easier calls of the week.  RG3 is in the zone and I don't see a way that Cleveland can win, assuming that he plays.
Ind @ Hou - I've been giving Luck more credit lately, and the Texans got smeared last week vs. the Pats, but I think they will bounce back.  The Colts might be up and coming, but Houston is there.
Jax @ Mia - In a battle between sad teams, the question is only which one is sadder.  The Dolphins have a little more ability and drive, the Jaguars have nada.  Miami at home in a blowout.
TB @ NO - Both teams have lost three in a row and their playoff hopes are fading fast.  Playing desperate, I see Brees coming up with a big game and outscoring the Bucs 30+ to 30.
Min @ STL - Just the opposite, both of these teams are trying to make a late season push and ride their momentum into the last wild card spot.  The Rams can win a tight one at home and stay alive.
Det @ Ari - The Cardinals are the most pitiful team in the league, having lost their last nine games.  Yes, I said nine.  The cowardly Lions might not be MUCH better, but they are better.
Sea @ Buf - The Seahawks and their defense are the real deal.  Problem is, they're no good on the road.  However, this game is in Toronto, not Buffalo.  Enough to make a difference, if barely.
Car @ SD - The Chargers always make a push at the the end of the season to save Norv Turner's job.  They'll try again this year, but even a win this week won't be enough.  SD wins, but so what.
Pit @ Dal - I think Ben came back too soon last week, like he always does.  You gotta be tough, but you gotta play smart.  He's not 100% and the Cowboys are gaining momentum.  Big D.
KC @ Oak - I'm sorry to say that the Broncos are in the same division as these guys, two lifeless teams with almost no positives to hang on to.  The Raiders win, but again, so what.
SF @ NE - Watching Tom Brady carve up the Texans last week, it's hard to doubt that he'll do it to San Fran this week.  The Patriots are clicking when it counts, like they always do.

NYJ @ Ten - Man, talk about anticlimactic.  Does anyone even care who wins this game?  The Jets have been finding ways to win, and they should again this week, somehow.


  1. Wow, we are way out of sync this week.
    Like the giants...don't think ATL is as good as their record.
    Like Min...I think they will want to win more.
    Baltimore over Den...I think Den has more fire power normally but Bal will want to make a point at home.
    Pit over Dal...I think Ben will be good enough (although Dal is annoying pulling out games they should not).
    Kan City - Don't know why I keep thinking they should be better.
    San Fran...because I am tired of NE
    Ten at home and Mon Nght should be better then the Jets.