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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Sports - NFL Picks, Week 5

Here are my NFL Week 5 picks:
(I was 11-4 last week)
Bye teams: Dal, Det, Oak, TB

Ari @ STL - It's hard to imagine a world in which the Cardinals are 5-0.  They almost lost last week to the Dolphins, they will probably lose this week on the road vs. the Rams.
Mia @ Cin - The Bengals better get their wins in now, as they're about to face the Steelers, Broncos, and Giants right in a row.  But that aside, they'll win this game.
GB @ Ind - The Pack got back on track last week vs. the Saints, and they'll look to continue that against the Colts.  Rodgers should be just fine from here on out.
Bal @ KC - The Chiefs have a QB problem, and that's the worst problem a team can have.  The Ravens have no such issue with Joe Flacco.
Cle @ NYG - The Browns can't be happy that the Giants lost last week.  Now they'll be playing mad and, let's face it, they'll be playing the Browns.  G-men win.
Phi @ Pit - The Eagles have been a hard team to pick, as they should have lost a couple times.  Neither Penn team is playing well, but maybe Mendenhall brings some life to the Steelers.
Atl @ Was - RG3 has been playing great, but Matty Ice has been outstanding.  The Falcon's amazing O vs. the Redskin's pathetic D?  Yeah, I'm picking Hotlanta.
Sea @ Car - Cam looks to be improving, and Wilson looks in over his head.  Two dynamic QBs, but one has about 1 year more experience and 1 foot more height.  Panthers.
Chi @ Jax - Oh, Jay Cutler, how I despise thee.  But you win games, and the Jaguars are a beatable team, so I've gotta pick you.
Ten @ Min - The Vikings have got all cylinders pumping in all phases of the game: O, D, and ST.  They might falter in a few weeks and end 7-9ish, but not this week.
Den @ NE - This is tough for me.  Tom Brady seems to enjoy playing against the Broncos defense and scoring 40+ points.  Peyton might score 30, but it might not be enough.
Buf @ SF - As predicted, the Niners were much more focused last week.  They ought to roll this week vs. a Bills team that just doesn't match up well.
SD @ NO - The Saints will finally get a win this week and Drew Brees will say something foolish about God teaching him patience Job-style.
Hou @ NYJ - The Texans are just too much to handle right now and the Jets are in disarray.  It's soon to be Tebow Time!