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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Sports - NFL Picks, Week 9

Here are my NFL Week 9 picks:
(I was 11-3 last week)
Bye teams: NE, NYJ, SF, STL

KC @ SD - Only one team scores fewer points per game than the Chiefs.  The Chargers have their own issues, but their embarrassing loss last week should motivate them enough for a home win.
Den @ Cin - Coming off their bye, the Bengals will look to stop a three game losing streak.  Too bad they have to face the red-hot Broncos, who have scored a total of 69 points in their last two games.
Bal @ Cle - The Ravens are hurting, literally, and the Browns are improving, but I can't really believe that the outcome of this game will be surprising.  Ravens.
Ari @ GB - After a hot start, the Cardinals have lost their magic.  And after a slow start, the Packers are back to normal.  This isn't a 1 vs. 16 seed match-up like last week, but the Pack should cruise.
Buf @ Hou - After a little hiccup vs. the Packers, the Texans showed that they are the most complete team in the NFL.  Coming off their bye, they look to smash an inept Bills team.
Mia @ Ind - Colts games have been consistently hard to call this year.  Both teams have a 4-3 record, but the Dolphins D is dominant and good on the road.  Tannehill or Moore, shouldn't matter.
Det @ Jax - The Lions might not be stellar, but the Jaguars are just plain awful.  They did keep up with the Packers last week, but they will remain winless at home.
Chi @ Ten - The Bears have the best defense if football, allowing only 14 points per game.  The Titans have the WORST defense, allowing 32 points per game.  You do the math.
Car @ Was - The Redskins can score with anyone, but their defense is sad.  But the Panthers whole team is sad.  The Skins & Obama will win.  No joke, check it out.  95% Presidential Accuracy.
TB @ Oak - The Jon Gruden Bowl!  Neither team is that good, but the Bucs are statistically better in all categories.  Freeman is hot and should light up the Raiders D.
Min @ Sea - Both teams have lost whatever momentum they created after fast starts, but the Seahawks D is for real, and that 12th man advantage hasn't failed them yet.
Pit @ NYG - The Giants dodged a bullet last week, but have played consistently well.  However, the Steelers are the more desperate team, and I have a feeling Eli is in for a rough day.
Dal @ Atl - Talk about desperate; the Cowboys entire team might be fired if they don't win soon.  I've been saying that the Falcons will lose soon, but perhaps they have one more week of perfection.
Phi @ NO - Obviously, both of these teams have major problems.  The Eagles can't score and Saints can't stop anyone.  I believe Brees will shoulder his team this week and come away with a victory.