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Monday, October 22, 2012

Thought - Time Travel

After reading The Time Machine (and currently reading The Time Ships), I've been speculating on time travel.  I think of time as a concept, rather than a physical entity, and therefore, if pressed, I would say that we can't move forward or backward in time because the past & the future do not exist.  However, I like the idea that nothing is impossible, and I also like the idea of quantum dimensions/the string theory/many-worlds.  So, perhaps someday someone will figure out something and we'll be able to traverse time.  What do you think?  Do you think it will be possible?  Do you think that the quantum theory gives a realistic possibility to the idea of time travel?


  1. I really want to believe in time travel. One problem I see with it is, if time travel is possible, then at some point you would think humanity would figure it out, and if that is case, where are the time travelers from the future? Wouldn't they keep popping back to change events, assassinate presidents they didn't like, etc.? ...Maybe they do, and there are people that are paid to stop them, like some sort of time...cops...yes that's the key! Wouldn't that make a great movie?

  2. You're a movie genius.

    That brings up the paradox argument; there are just too many impossibilities & inconsistencies to believe that time travel could actually happen.

  3. I think the only aspect of it that might be useful would be the ability to move through space without taking much, or any time. I have read about experiments in transportation at the quantum level that have worked. A particle has transported a certain distance in almost no time at all.

    I suppose this is a form of 'time travel' in that you are moving in three dimensional space, but not moving through the fourth dimension, time. But the ability to move backwards, or forwards through time would seem to be impossible if Einstein was right about relativity.

    1. Yeah, I think someday we will be able to transport at least goods, if not people, using quantum physics. You've got to read The Jaunt by Stephen King. It's a short story in Skeleton Crew. Excellent & terrifying story about this exact topic.