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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sports - NFL Picks, Week 8

Here are my NFL Week 8 picks:
(I was 12-1 last week.  O knows)
Bye teams: Bal, Buf, Cin, Hou

TB @ Min - Freeman looked good last week, but the Vikings are undefeated at home & the Bucs are winless on the road.  The Purple People Eaters win.
Car @ Chi - I will repeat myself; NFC North team undefeated at home, NFL South team winless on the road.  Cutler is still a tool, but the Bears are clicking.
SD @ Cle - After the week off the Chargers should have fixed a few of the problems that led to their embarrassment in MNF.  The Browns are improved, but not enough.
Sea @ Det - Neither team can score, so the Seahawks D should have the advantage.  But they're no good on the road and my gut tells me the Lions will be ready for this one.
Jax @ GB - Oh my.  This looks to be the most lopsided game of 2012, especially considering the Jags injuries from last week.  A Pack loss would be equivalent to a 16 seed beating a 1 seed.
Mia @ NYJ - The Dolphins D is no joke, and the Jets are.  A loss this week followed by a bye week will lead to a Tebow start in Week 10.
Atl @ Phi - The Falcons will lose soon, but it won't be this week, coming off a bye and facing an Eagles team that can't score enough points to keep up.
Was @ Pit - The net points of these two teams combined is +9.  In other words, this will be a close game.  The Stillers have the slight advantage and should could out on top.
NE @ STL - All bets are off when teams play overseas, so this London match-up is hard to call.  The Rams D is good, but Bradford can't match points with Brady.
Ind @ Ten - Might at well pick the Titans at home, as neither team can score or stop other teams from scoring, and Chris Johnson is ready to break loose.
Oak @ KC - The basement of the AFC West, the Raiders are winless on the road and the Chiefs are winless at home.  So...Raiders I guess, since McFadden in on my fantasy team.
NYG @ Dal - A great rivalry and a great match-up.  The Boys barely beat an awful Panthers team last week, and the Giants seem to enjoy playing on the road.  Big Blue beats Big D.
NO @ Den - Should be the highest scoring game of the weekend & a very entertaining SNF.  Both offenses can fly, but the Broncos D is better than the Saints', so they win a tight one.
SF @ Ari - The Cardinals have lost the magic they had at the beginning of the season, and the Niners are a strong team that don't make a lot of mistakes.  MNF means Jon Gruden!


  1. OK, so I had 3 bads last week. Maybe that will happen again since we differ on 3. A number of Jets know it is now or down and out. So I think they will step up. Not sure the talant on KC reflects their record. Since they are at home I like KC. Redskins are on the edge of becoming relevant again after a couple weak years. Don't know that that will happen until next year but some suprise wins this year including this one. Not sure if Denver is wishful thinking on your part but I went with you on this one.

    1. Yeah, Jets could win. But until Tebow takes over I find it hard to pick them. Chiefs/Raiders is a lose/lose. Too bad someone has to win. Your Skins could do well. I just have to assume Dick LeBeau has a plan to stop RG3. And yes, picking the Broncos is wishful thinking. Coming into the season I might have picked the Saints, but they've shown that they have a tendency to lose in collapsing fashion.