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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Sports - NFL Picks, Week 6

Here are my NFL Week 6 picks:
(I was 11-3 last week)
Bye teams: Car, Chi, Jax, NO

Pit @ Ten -  This could be a pretty lousy match-up.  The Titans have been outscored an average of 20 points per game.  But the Steelers have yet to win on the road. Pitt, I guess.
Oak @ Atl - Unlike the Texans, the only other unbeaten team, the Falcons are beatable.  They have holes that will eventually give them a loss or three.  But not this week.
Dal @ Bal - The Cowboys are in disarray.  But coming off a bye week they should be fresh & prepared.  The only thing is, they have to play the Ravens.  Romo might set an INT record.
Cin @ Cle - The Bengals have a winning record despite allowing more points than they have scored.  With Joe Haden returning, the Brownies will look to pull off an upset win.
STL @ Mia - The Dolphins are coming off a surprising road win, while the Rams have yet to win away from their dome home.  Tannehill is improving and will pick up the W.
Ind @ NYJ - The only team more muddled than the Cowboys is the Jets, but their D is still fairly strong.  Sanchez should hold off Tebow for one more week.
Det @ Phi - The Eagles might be imperfect, but they play very well at home.  With Vick struggling, McCoy should get the lion's share (mah) of the ball and run wild.
KC @ TB - The Bucs defense is actually pretty good, their offense just can't keep up.  Coming off a bye week, this team should give new Chiefs QB Brady Quinn a major headache.
Buf @ Ari - The Cardinals are undefeated at home and have a Top 5 defense.  Losing last week will not have sat well, and with the extra time to prepare the Bills should be worried.
NE @ Sea - The Seahawks have the 2nd best defense in football.  Surprising, I know.  They just can't score enough points to stay consistently good.  This week will be different.
NYG @ SF - Seattle has the 2nd ranked D, but the Niners have the 1st.  They have allowed only 14 points per game.  Eli is good, but that's hard to overcome.
Min @ Was - RG3 had to hit a wall at some point.  Well, he hit something last week, I'm sure it felt like a wall.  Even if he plays, the Vikings are simply the better team.
GB @ Hou - Rodgers is admittedly not playing his best football.  The Texans, however, are playing theirs.  They are the #1 team in the league, hands down, and look unbeatable.
Den @ SD - The Broncos/Chargers rivalry has become a great one, with both teams hating the other.  Peyton better watch out for pressure, but if he can stay upright he will pick up his first road win.


  1. Replies
    1. Have 5 different picks then you this week.
      While CLE will win sometime this year, CIN wants to stay in the hunt so like CIN
      STL is starting to roll. Like them over MIA
      KC should have better record then they do. Like them with the win.
      NE has been taking some hits to their pride and I think they are going to try to take it up a notch. Like NE over SEA.
      Ditto with GB over HOU.

      For the record...Keep in mind I took some chances and was 8 and 5 last week.

    2. Well Al, your different picks went 1-4. I went 8-6 this week, total. Lets both hope we do better next round.