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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sports - NFL Picks, Week 11

Here are my NFL Week 11 Picks:
(I was 10-3-1 last week)
Bye teams: Min, NYG, Sea, Ten

Mia @ Buf - Neither team is playing well right now, which makes for a tough pick.  The Dolphins D started strong but has been fading, so the Bills have a chance at home in the cold.
Ari @ Atl - After starting 4-0, the Cards have lost 5 straight.  The Falcons are no longer undefeated, but that's doesn't mean much.  They will win this week against a sub-par team.
TB @ Car - The Bucs couldn't be hotter, and they seem likely to stay that way.  Cam & Co. have shown that they can't score enough points to be relevant.  Tampa Bay all the way.
Cle @ Dal - The Cowboys got a boost last week beating the Iggles and should play with some confidence.  The Brownies haven't won on the road yet and won't this week.
GB @ Det - As bad as the Packers D has looked at times, they really don't allow that many points, only 20 per game.  The Lions are not pushovers, but should lose a relatively high scoring game.
Jax @ Hou - Whoa, not fair.  The Jaguars only score 14 points per game, and allow double that.  The Texans couldn't be playing better, and should absolutely dominate this game.
Cin @ KC - The Bengals shocked the reigning champion Giants last week, and still have a shot at a wild card, considering the Steelers' injury problems.  The Chiefs are awful and should lose.
NYJ @ STL - Ties are embarrassing, and the Rams should feel that.  The Jets have gone from bad to worse and Sanchez seems destined for failure.  Could be a close one, with the Ram just ahead.
Phi @ Was - Hmm, which bad team is better?  Vick might not play for the Eagles, and that might not be a bad thing.  Watch Foles step in, check the ball to McCoy, and cruise past the Skins.
NO @ Oak - Upset alert!  The Saints beat the Falcons and seem to be back in stride.  But the Raiders can score and they know it.  The Black Hole will win dirty, 30s to 30s.
SD @ Den - The Broncos are on fire and don't lose at home.  They also don't lose to dysfunctional teams.  The Chargers helped the Broncos get on this roll and will help them stay on.
Ind @ NE - Not the same rivalry that we're used to seeing, but should be a good one nonetheless.  I've tried to give Luck more credit, but the Pats will just be too much for the Colts.
Bal @ Pit - Ouch.  Big Ben is out, and it could be a while.  The Steelers defense is just not the same as it used to be and can't pick up that much slack.  Ravens win big.
Chi @ SF - The battle of the concussed QBs.  And it's sad, because this was shaping up to be a good match-up, but now will be a strange MNF game.  Campbell isn't awful and could carry the Bears, but Kaepernick knows his team better and the Niners know how to use him.


  1. Tebow!!!! Tebow! Tebow! Tebow! Tebow!

  2. I feel like this is the week for upsets. Three teams that I think can surprise are Det and KC (both at home and may be wanting a win more there then on the road), as well as San Diego (Den looking good right now but Phil wants to prove he is up to the task and may catch them by surprise). The only other place we differ in Wash over Phl. Nudge to them at home.

    1. The Lions have a decent chance. And you know I don't like to pick the Bengals, they are ready to lose any week. It would be embarrassing if they lost to the Chiefs. The Chargers should have beat the Broncos in Week 6, so it's possible, but not likely. And I really do think Foles is better than Vick right now and can get the win, but I'll be rooting for RG3.