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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Sports - NFL Picks, Week 13

Here are my NFL Week 13 Picks:
(I was 11-5 last week)
Bye teams: none

No @ Atl - I predicted the Falcons one loss this season to the Saints in Week 10, but I don't think the outcome will be the same this game.  Atlanta is undefeated at home and will get their revenge.

Jax @ Buf - The Jaguars are on a mini-roll, but their defense is still horrible.  Only three teams allow more points per game, but one of them is Buffalo.  The Bills will lose at home.
Sea @ Chi - Will Jay Cutler back and with the Seahawks terrible road play, this game shouldn't even be close.  However, Cutler is fragile, and you just never know.  I'll take the Bears.
Ind @ Det - Luck and the Colts are actually pretty good on the road and will make a game of this one, but I think the Lions will be playing angry after their embarrassing Thanksgiving loss.
Min @ GB - Talk about playing angry; the Pack got their collective ass handed to them last week vs. the G-men.  Rodgers will bounce back and continue his excellent home record.
Car @ KC - The Chiefs gave the Broncos a run for their money, but remain winless at home.  The Panthers are a good road team and Cam looked comfortable last week.  Carolina.
NE @ Mia - The only thing that could give Brady & Co. a hiccup would be Miami's D at home.  But I think the Pats are just too much for the Dolphins to handle.  Could be close though.
Ari @ NYJ - After starting 4-0 the Cards have lost seven straight.  Ouch.  The Jets have their own problems, but they're overall a much better team.  I will wear my Tebow jersey and hope.
SF @ STL - I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that this game doesn't end in a tie.  The Niners are much better all around and Kaepernick is looking good.  Rams could lose big.
Hou @ Ten - The Texans have had three narrow wins in a row and a team that looked almost unbeatable is now showing some holes.  However, they get to play the Titans.
TB @ Den - The Broncos had a little scare last week and the Bucs are by no means pushovers, but Manning is hot and on target.  It might come down to the wire, but Denver will win.
Pit @ Bal - Charlie Batch proved that the Steelers couldn't win with him against the Browns, they're definitely not going to win with him against the Ravens.  Blow out city.
Cle @ Oak - Which awful team wants a meaningless win more?  The Raiders have a horrible defense, but the Browns don't have the offense to take advantage of it.  The Boys in Black.
Cin @ SD - The door is wide open for the Bengals with the Steelers struggling.  And the door is wide open for Norv Turner in a "don't let it hit you on the way out" kind of way.  Cinci.
Phi @ Dal - The Eagles may not have a team left by the end of the season, as they begin to clean house for next year.  The Cowboys still have a chance and they will take advantage of it.

NYG @ Was - I can't predict RG3, he's a mystery to me.  But I know this; Eli is back and ready to win.  Also, the Giants love playing on the road.  The Redskins should lose a close one here.


  1. Not in sync with 5 this week although I am looking for some chances on wins coming into being. Detroit may be mad and home but Indi is getting in a grove. I think JAX defense is so bad that BUF will come through. I have a soft spot for KC and am giving them a hopeful this week. The Jets should not be this bad...but they keep proving me wrong so I give up and go with ARI. CLE can do it with grit continuing and a little luck.

    1. Yeah we're pretty far apart this week. All these games could go either way since none of the teams are that great.

  2. I agree w weather guy on a Cleveland win. The jets? Yeah, they'll probably lose too. Unless.... Tebow!!!

    1. I'm afraid we will not have a Tebow Christmas this year.