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Monday, November 12, 2012

Sports - Tebow Part II

I will admit it; I have a man-crush on Tim Tebow.  Not only is he devastatingly handsome, but he's nice, likable, watchable, interesting, and top-notch boyfriend material.  Anyway, football, right.  On October 9th I stated my view of Tebow with the Jets (Sports - Tebow), so I won't go through it again.  On October 24th I predicted that the Jets would lose at home to the Dolphins (Sports - NFL Picks, Week 8) and that, following a Week 9 bye week, NYJ would turn to Tebow.  They didn't, and my question to the the world is, why not?

In Week 10, the Jets lost 7-28, failing to score an offensive point.  Mark Sanchez went 9 of 22 with an interception, adding to his dismal 2012 stats: 10 TDs, 9 INTs, 8 fumbles, and completing only half of his passes.  The Jets are now 3-6 and have, basically, zero chance of making the playoffs.

Why has Tim Tebow not been named the starter?  Say what you want about him, he has GOT to be a better option right now than Sanchez.  Rex Ryan is on the verge of being fired, the entire team is collapsing, Sanchez could be let go in the offseason; why not made a move that could win you some games, and at the very least will get your team on Sportscenter?

The Jets need to make the switch;  if for no other than reason than 'why not?'


  1. I seriously think people are wanting Tebow to fail. He's the most unliked likeable guy around. At risk of sounding like mrs. Tebow (Tim's mom), I'm pretty sure people are jealous!!!
    Lame jets, lame.

  2. He is a compelling player. I don't understand what he is doing for the team on the bench. He is not a good passer, and he probably never will be, but that season in Denver as exciting.

    Plus he beat the Steelers in the playoffs, so that kind of makes him my hero.

    1. Do you think, if Tim Tebow hadn't energized the Broncos, that Peyton would have dismissed them and gone to the Niners or Titans? So perhaps Tebow brought Peyton to Denver. What could he do for the Jets?