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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Sports - NFL Picks, Week 12

Here are my NFL Week 12 Picks:
(I was 11-3 last week)
Bye teams: none

Hou @ Det - The Texans nearly let the Jaguars steal a win last week, but came to life when it came down to it.  They are undefeated on the road and should take care of a mediocre Lions team.
Was @ Dal - One of the best rivalries in football, Cowboys & Indians.  I need to start giving RG3 and the Skins a little more credit, but Tony Romo has never lost at home on Thanksgiving.
NE @ NYJ - Another great rivalry.  At least, it would be if the Jets didn't suck.  Wouldn't you rather see Tebow get beaten by the Pats than Sanchez?  I know I would, and I like the guy.

Min @ Chi - This game hinges on Jay Cutler.  If he plays, I think the Bears win.  If he doesn't, Jason Campbell and that awful offensive line are going to get a beating courtesy of Allen and the Vikings.
Oak @ Cin - The Bengals are on a little bit of a hot streak right now, and the Raiders are on a slide.  Their defense is just atrocious, and Dalton should be able to carve it up.
Pit @ Cle - Seems like an obvious W for the Steelers until you remember that Batch will be their QB this week.  The Browns should be able to steal a victory here, might be their last of the season.
Buf @ Ind - I'm just not comfortable calling Luck amazing quite yet.  The Bills are a solid team that can run all over anybody, but since the Colts don't lose at home I'll give them the slight edge.
Ten @ Jax - The Jaguars were dead in the water, last in points scored, and nearly winless until Henne steps up last week and almost beats the Texans.  They can get their first home win vs. the Titans.
Den @ KC - I believe in trap games, but I don't believe Peyton will fall for one.  No McGahee no problem as Hillman will step up this week and the Broncos will win big.
Sea @ Mia - If the playoffs were today, rookie Russell Wilson and the Seahawks would be in.  Not too shabby.  The Dolphins are trending in the wrong direction and ought to lose.
Atl @ TB - The Falcons won somehow last week, even with Ryan throwing 5 INTs.  He might have cost me my fantasy game, but I still believe in him.  He might throw 5 TDs instead.
Bal @ SD - The Ravens are playing Raven football right now and that it pretty scary.  The Chargers are playing Charger football, and that's scary for a different reason.  Baltimore.
STL @ Ari - One of those "who cares" games.  Both teams have returned to normalcy after good starts, which shouldn't surprise anyone.  Cards should win at home if they can choose a QB to start.
SF @ NO - Strength vs. strength in this nice match-up, as the Niners defense takes on the Saints offense.  San Fran has a QB controversy, and that's never good.  New Orleans.
GB @ NYG - Coming off a bye week, which Eli will show up: Super Bowl Eli or Confused & Slow Eli?  It's tough to tell.  Either way, the Packers are hot and should win.

Car @ Phi - Very rarely is there a MNF game that I don't care to watch.  This may be one of them.  Cam Newton vs. Nick Foles.  Meh.  The Eagles looked bad last week and should lose.