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Monday, November 19, 2012

Sports - Super Bowl Picks

It's getting closer and closer to Super Bowl time!  Now, a lot of people make their SB predictions at the beginning of the year, and I have mine.  But now that the season has progressed, would you change your mind?

My Super Bowl prediction: Preseason - Broncos vs. Giants - Manning Bowl!
My Super Bowl prediction: Midseason - Broncos vs. Packers - Elway/Favre!

So, what were your SB predictions at the beginning of the year, and have they changed?


  1. Beginning of the year? Bengals vs. Panthers obviously.

    Now? Pats vs. Duh Bears (playing for stroke stricken Ditka, say that five times fast)

    1. As long as Cutler can stay upright the Bears have a good chance, but I think the Packers beat them in Lambeau in January. They already beat them once this year.

      But yeah, the Broncos got beat by the Pats already, it would be tough to get by them in the playoffs, unless the game was in Denver.