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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Sports - NFL Free Agency Tracker

Tuesday March 12th @ 4pm marks the beginning of the 2013 NFL season and the start of the free agency period.  For me & Adam Schefter, it's an exciting time.  Teams are scrambling to sign top choices, players are flying from city to city, and the year's outlook begins to take shape.  A week from today I'll post the biggest signings and visits of Free Agency thus far.  Today let's take a look at the market and where a few of the best players might end up.

  • Mike Wallace (WR, Pit) - Wide receivers are strong and available this year, and none better than Wallace.  He is big, fast, dynamic, a game-changer.  You gotta take his attitude as well, but it's worth it.  The Bengals desperately need a WR to pair with A.J. Green.  They should open their wallets and pull the trigger.
  • Cliff Avril (DE, Det) - If you need a pass rusher, Avril is your man.  He's got speed around the edge and can really harass a QB.  He's a sack machine, he's only 26, and he's well worth any money he wants.  Just don't expect him to stop the run; he's only 260 lbs, but he can be very effective on 3rd down.
  • Greg Jennings (WR, GB) - Perhaps he's past his prime, but he still has talent.  Turning 30 this year, Jennings is beginning to become injury-prone, so there's risk, but there's also reward.  The obvious team here is Miami, which needs a good WR, but with SF letting Moss go, wouldn't that be a great fit?
  • Ed Reed (S, Bal) - If the Ravens let him go due to his age (35 by the start of the season), then some Super Bowl ready team will be lucky to have him for one or two years.  Hmm...a Super Bowl caliber team that could use a safety to replace the one that lost them a playoff game...come on Elway!  Make it happen!
  • Tony Gonzalez (TE, Atl) -  As hard as it was to imagine Gonzo playing for a team other than KC, its harder to imagine him leaving Atlanta.  If he chooses not to retire I see him staying put.  The Falcons were very close to a Super Bowl.  He should come back just one last time; it could be his big moment.
OL - There are some top tier lineman available: Vollmer (NE), Levitre (Buf), Smith (Cin), Long (Mia), Loadholt (Min), and they should all cash in this offseason.

DB - The headliners in this group are Goldson (SF), Moore (Atl), Quin (Hou), Grimes (Atl), Houston (Det); all quality backs.

WR - There are a lot of good receivers available, even after the top guys; Welker (NE), Amendola (STL), Hartline (Mia).

RB - If you want a veteran back who still has some fuel in the tank you've got some guys to choose from: Bush (Mia), Turner (Atl), Jackson (STL), Mendenhall (Pit), Green (NYJ).

TE - There are even a bunch of good ends; Cook (Ten), Keller (NYJ), Davis (Was), Walker (SF), Bennett (NYG)

All in all, a good crop of free agents.  It should make for an exciting kick off to the season.

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