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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Sports - NFL Free Agency Update

With Free Agency starting yesterday we have a lot of new homes for a lot of impact players.  And of course, there are a ton of key guys still out there to be signed.  Let's take a look at what has gone down in the last week and how the teams & players are faring in Free Agency.

  • Mike Wallace (WR) - The talented receiver has left chilly Pittsburgh for the warm beaches of Miami.  So the Dolphins have a great receiver now, but who's gonna throw to him, Ryan Tannehill?  I just don't have much faith in that guy.
  • Tony Gonzelez (TE) - The Falcons will have a services for one more year, as he announced that he's not retiring after all.  I think this is a good move for both team and player, as Tony still has a ton left and Atlanta is very close to a Super Bowl.
  • Anquan Boldin (WR) - In a surprise move the Ravens traded Boldin to the Niners for basically nothing.  SF has got to be very excited; he's an impact player and a guy who always comes up big when it matter.  I understand why Baltimore did it, but tough loss.
  • Percy Harvin (WR) - Another marquee receiver to get traded was Harvin, from Minnesota to Seattle.  Russell Wilson has got to be very happy with this deal, as Harvin has speed and explosive ability, but like Wilson himself.
Miami - The Dolphins are making waves, adding Wallace (WR), Ellerbe (LB), and Wheeler (LB).

Buffalo - There's a change of guard as the Bills lose Fitzpatrick (QB), Levitre (OG), Wilson (S), Barnett (LB), McGee (CB), and Merriman (LB).

Baltimore - The Ravens may lose their entire team; Boldin (WR), Lewis (LB), Ellerbe (LB), Kruger (DE), Birk (C), Pollard (S), and Williams (OG).

Cleveland - Helping their D by adding Kruger (DE) and Groves (LB).

Tennessee - Quietly adding nice players; Levitre (OG), Wilson (S), and Walker (TE).

Kansas City - Making big moves with new players Smith (QB), Robinson (CB), DeVito (DT), Avery (WR), and Fasano (TE).

Philadelphia - Changes is Philly, adding Chung (S), Casey (TE), and Sopoaga (DT).  Losing Asomugha (CB), Jenkins (DT), and Dunlap (OT).

Green Bay - Losing a lot of veteran; Walden (LB), Woodson (S), Saturday (C), and Driver (WR).

Arizona - Dropping a lot of pieces; Groves (LB), Gay (CB), Bradley (LB), Doucet (WR), Wells (RB), and Wilson (S).

There are a lot of big name guys still out there to be sorted through and signed; Avril (DE), Jennings (WR), Reed (S), Long (OT), Quin (S), Welker (WR), Amendola (WR), Bush (RB), Jackson (RB), and Mendenhall (RB).  Look for this weekend to be a big signing period, with some contracts being signed in the next few days.  The NFL season is one step closer!

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