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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Sports - 2013 MLB Predictions

With free agency pretty much over, spring training starting this weekend, and no one having any real idea how any of the clubs will actually perform, I think it's time to make some picks.  So here they are, my 2013 MLB Way Too Early Predictions:

AL East 
  1. Yankees - This team is stacked. Added Youk & Hafner. Lost Swisher.
  2. Blue Jays - On the up. Added Dickey, Reyes, Melky & Josh Johnson.
  3. Red Sox - Too talented to fail again. Added Victorino, Napoli & Hanrahan.
  4. Rays - Searching for a new identity. Added Loney. Lost B.J. Upton.
  5. Orioles - Not enough power to sustain. Lost Reynolds.
AL Central
  1. Tigers - Should be great. Adden Tori Hunter. V-Mart back from injury.
  2. Indians - Francona! Added Bourn, Stubby, Swisher & Reynolds. Lost Choo.
  3. White Sox - Hitters are a little too old. Lost Pierzynski.
  4. Royals - Nice pitching staff. Added Shields & Santana.
  5. Twins - Why isn't this team better? Bad rotation and no closer.
AL West
  1. Rangers - Excellent at every position. Added Berkman & Pierzynski. Lost Hamilton.
  2. Angels - Could win a lot of games. Added Madson, Hamilton & Hanson.
  3. Athletics - Won't repeat last year. Added Jaso.
  4. Mariners - Stuck in mediocrity. Added Morse & Morales.
  5. Astros - Should be just plain awful. Added Carlos Pena.
NL East
  1. Nationals - Very solid lineup. Added Span, Soriano & Haren. Lost Morse.
  2. Phillies - Best pitching staff in the league. Added Young. Lost Victorino.
  3. Braves - Talented, but inconsistent. Added the Upton Bros. Lost Chipper.
  4. Mets - Good lineup, but not great. Added Buck.
  5. Marlins - Very, very bad. Added Polanco. Lost Reyes & Josh Johnson.
NL Central
  1. Reds - Great rotation, nice lineup. Added Choo. Lost Stubby.
  2. Cardinals - Pitching is a question. Carpenter out with an injury.
  3. Brewers - Solid, but stagnant. Called up Segura.
  4. Pirates - Just not enough talent. Added Martin. Lost Hanrahan.
  5. Cubs - Cursed, I guess. Added Edwin Jackson, Baker & Feldman.
NL West
  1. Dodgers - Great team, all around. Added Greinke &Crawford. Lost Loney.
  2. Giants - Solid returning team. Lost Melky.
  3. Rockies - This team has potential, and they can only go up.
  4. Diamondbacks - Good, but not special. Added Prado. Lost Justin Upton.
  5. Padres - Weak rotation and poor lineup. Very little support or energy.  
Most improved teams: Blue Jays, Indians, Rockies.
Least successful teams: Astros, Marlins, Padres.

World Series: Rangers vs Dodgers.


  1. When did the Astros change leagues and divisions? They were terrible already. This is going to be brutal for them.

    1. This is their first year in the AL West. The even divisions make me feel so much better. Yeah, they thought the Reds & Cards were tough, meet the Rangers and Angels.

  2. Yankees in the first place? we'll see...

    1. Well, with all their injuries I'm starting to doubt it. And the Rays pitching looks good, they might be better than I thought. Season starts today, so we're about to find out.