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Monday, February 25, 2013

Thought - Oscar Recap

What an enjoyable evening.  The Academy Awards at a wonderful Oscar party with a good friend; can't beat that.  Next year, I've promised to take my wife.  Maybe we'll dress up as a famous movie couple.  Harry & Sally?  We'll have to see.  Here's a recap of the party and the awards.

My friend and I went to the Drexel Theater for their Red Carpet Bash.  It was a lot of fun.  First, we got our picture taken on the red carpet by the "paparazzi".  After finding our seats in the beautiful theater we had appetizers, Graeter's ice cream, brownies, and whiskey & cokes.  A lot of people were dressed up, from Mary Todd Lincoln to Pat from Silver Linings Playbook.  The most flamboyantly dressed of all was Ms. Sable Coate, a very friendly drag queen who would act as the co-host for the evening.  Trivia was asked during commercials with prizes given away.  The bartender made strong drinks, everyone was relaxed, and it was fun to watch the Oscars with a live audience clapping, laughing, and having a good time.  It almost seemed like we were there.  Almost.  Now, to the Oscars.

First, I thought Seth McFarlane did a great job.  No, he's no Billy Crystal or Bob Hope.  However, he was funny, relaxed, and made me feel like the Oscars were relaxing a bit.  I thought his opening with Williams Shatner was hilarious, especially the We Saw Your Boobs song.  Oh, Kate Winslett.  And, compared to all the other presenters, who all seemed like the walking dead, Seth was vibrant and the life of the party.  The show itself was good, but not great.  If it hadn't been for the musical numbers, the show would have fallen flat.  Adele stole the show with her Bond song and the cast of Les Mis was nice.

Now, the awards.  I thought Alan Arkin deserved Best Supporting.  But I think his role was too small compared to that of Christoph Waltz.  Everyone knew Anne Hathaway was going to win Best Supporting, even Seth McFarlane.  And ditto for DDL, he was a shoe in for Best Actor.  Jennifer Lawrence winning Best Actress surprised me, because I saw Silver Linings Playbook, and she wasn't that great.  When Ang Lee won Best Director, which was not a huge surprise, I think that should have tipped us off to the fact that Lincoln wouldn't win Best Picture.  And that left the door wide open for Argo, which had been gaining momentum.  I have to say, I saw it and it was good.  Oscar worthy?  Sure.  A winner?  Not so much.  Life of Pi was the big winner in a lot of categories, and Django Unchained was the big loser, getting pretty much snubbed.  All in all, a good Oscars and a fun night.

Now, as far as best/worst dressed is concerned: Anne Hathaway looked awful in her nipple dress.  Reese Witherspoon's dress was overshadowed by her chin, as always.  Kristin Stewart looked like her mom made her wear that.  Sandra Bullock looked nice.  Jennifer Lawrence looked hot.  Charlize Theron is just too damn tall.  Jennifer Garner is just too damn dumb.  Adele looked like she was going to eat Kristin Chenoweth.  Amy Adams was gorgeous as always.  George Clooney and Stacy Keibler are the most attractive couple in the world.  Helena Bonham Carter scares me.  Melissa McCarthy's hair was atrocious.  Ben Affleck looked nice; I like the beard.  Channing Tatum is a big dull doof.  Renee Zellweger always looks confused.  DDL is my hero.  JGL & Harry Potter looked pretty awkward.  Chris Pine does it for me.  Jeremy Renner does not.  Dustin Hoffman looks extremely old.  And who is Brandi Glanville and why does she look so much like a hooker?

Wow, what a great time.  See you all next year!


  1. I thought Seth was in over his head. Self-deprecation can be funny and endearing, but he mostly came across as not wanting to own up to his own jokes.

    Jewish joke, ha! Women, ha! Boobs, ha!

    1. I drank and I laughed. So maybe it wasn't that funny to sober people or people over the age of 19. But hey, the Oscars are trying to "get hip". They should just leave off and remain stuffy.

  2. I agree. Leave it to Ricky Gervais to be the snarky host. Otherwise just be nice and move things along.