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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sports - NCAA Tournament

It's almost tournament time, and I couldn't be more confused.  There is no legitimate #1 team and no dominant force in college basketball.  I guess you're free to choose your home team when you fill out your brackets, cause they have as much of a chance as anyone else.  Speaking of brackets, if you're interested in joining my Yahoo Pick 'Em league, just let me know and I'll send across the link and password.

So, last night #1 Indiana falls to Minnesota.  Who's the new #1 then?  Gonzaga?  They're not Final Four caliber.  Duke?  They lose too easily in tough road games.  Florida, Miami (Fl), Michigan?  No.  No one is a clear cut #1.  So, again, pick anyone you want in the Tournament.  Pick OSU if you want to, you Buck Nuts, cause who knows.

We'll have to wait for the conference tournaments to decide who the best team is.  Look for someone to get hot, win their championship, and carry that momentum into the tourney.  UConn did it that way a couple years ago with Kemba Walker.  Duke did it the same way the year before.  Momentum is a tricky thing, and it'll win this year.

In the playoffs of any sport, momentum is the most important force.  Throw the stats out the window, find the hot team, and you've found the winner.  The Baltimore Ravens this year; not the best team, the most emotionally charged team.  The San Francisco Giants last year: they were on fire, not extremely talented.  Momentum is the key.  Listen to Dr. Olie, and pick the hot hand.

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