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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Movie Review - Blue Summer

Director: Chuck Vincent
Starring: Davey Jones, Bo White
Year: 1973

I was expecting 70s camp.  I mean, it was made in the 70s, it's about teenagers camping, how could it not be a funny, dated, campy romp in which people wear too-small shorts?  I knew it wasn't going to be a slasher/horror/thriller like so many others that I love from this time period, but I expected a few of the same elements, if not the psycho killer.  What I got was something very different, a romp of sorts, but not exactly as I had imagined it.  No, Blue Summer is much less teen comedy and much more soft core porn.

Friends Tracy & Gene (boys, not girls) are about to start college in the fall.  They'll be going to different schools and their adult lives will start, but before they do the pair want one last chance at fun.  So they decide to go bumming around in their bus, cruise around the woods, head towards the lake, and enjoy their final summer of freedom.  Along the way they meet a duo of hot hitchhikers, a mysterious biker, someone trying to save their souls, a commune of hippies, a nymphomaniac, a bored housewife; all incredible characters on this wonderful road trip of youth.

First off, the main actor is not Davy Jones the Monkee, so don't get exited.  This Davey Jones is strictly a 70s soft core porn actor, which is exactly what we have here.  It's just a silly plot used to showcase a few sex scenes.  But again, don't get excited, unless of course you enjoy sweaty hairy men pawing at homely women's nipples.  There's no real explicit nudity, the actors are all unattractive, and the movie feels like someone's lame attempt at a cheap thrill.  If you want 70s porn watch Debbie Does Dallas.  It's at least classic, if still pretty gross.  But don't watch Blue Summer.  It's not a comedic romp, it's not a sexy film, it's not porn, it's not camp, it's not much of anything really except people filming themselves drinking beer and showing their boobs.  It's a waste of time is what it is, so don't fall for it.

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