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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Sports - 2014 MLB Predictions

With free agency over, spring training starting, and no one having any real idea how any of the clubs will actually perform, I think it's time to make some picks.  So here they are, my 2014 MLB Way Too Early Predictions:
AL East 
  1. Red Sox - Why couldn't they do it again? Added Pierzynski. Lost Ellsbury.
  2. Yankees - Added Ellsbury, Beltran, McCann, & Roberts. Lost Cano & Grandy.
  3. Rays - No longer a surprising team. Added Balfour, Bell, & Hanigan.
  4. Orioles - Their weak spot is their pitching. Added Jimenez. Lost Roberts.
  5. Blue Jays - Shouldn't be much improved. Added Navarro. Lost Arencibia.
AL Central
  1. Tigers - Should be great. Added Kinsler & Nathan. Lost Fielder & Peralta.
  2. Indians - Francona! Added Murphy & Axford. Lost Perez & Jimenez.
  3. Royals - Nice pitching staff, solid team. Added Infante & Aoki.
  4. White Sox - A team with zero punch. Added Eaton. Lost Reed.
  5. Twins - Seems like a brand new bad team, other than Mauer.
AL West
  1. Rangers - Changing. Added Fielder, Choo. Lost Pierzynski, Kinsler, Murphy.
  2. Athletics - Won't repeat last year. Added Jim Johnson. Lost Suzuki.
  3. Angels - Could win a lot of games. Added Freese & Ibanez. Lost Trumbo.
  4. Mariners - Could make noise. Added Morrison, Cano, Hart, & Rodney.
  5. Astros - Should be just plain awful again. Added Dexter Fowler.
NL East
  1. Braves - Return an extremely solid lineup. Lost McCann & Hudson.
  2. Phillies - No reason they shouldn't be contenders. Added Burnett. Lost Halladay.
  3. Nationals - Not much changing here, should be good but not great.
  4. Mets - Losing Matt Harvey really hurts. Added Granderson & Colon.
  5. Marlins - Trying at least. Added Jones, McGehee, Furcal, & Salty.
NL Central
  1. Cardinals - Ready for a run. Added Peralta & Bourjos. Lost Beltran & Freese.
  2. Reds - Great rotation, nice lineup, back from injuries. Lost Choo & Arroyo.
  3. Pirates - Strong team, but should digress just a little bit. Lost Jones.
  4. Brewers - Not a horrible team, but stagnant. Added Garza. Lost Hart.
  5. Cubs - No great talent at any position and won't make much noise.
NL West
  1. Dodgers - They have so many incredible players they have to sit on the bench.
  2. Giants - Should be much improved. Added Morse & Hudson.
  3. Diamondbacks - Good, not special. Added Trumbo, Arroyo, & Reed. Lost Eaton.
  4. Rockies - So-so pitching. Added Stubbs & Morneau. Lost Dexter Fowler.
  5. Padres - Weak rotation and poor lineup. Very little support or energy.  
Most improved teams: Mariners, Phillies, Giants.
Least successful teams: Astros, Twins, Cubs.
World Series: Red Sox vs Dodgers.


  1. As a Yankee fan I hope you're wrong!

    1. I think NY will be much improved this year. I expect them to be fighting for it in the playoffs.