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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Sports - MLB Postseason Predictions

The MLB Postseason is set & about to begin!  I know there have been two Wildcard play-in games, but those barely count.  The real games start now, with four different series between eight teams, culminated in the World Series.  Here are my predictions for the postseason:

NLDS - Pittsburgh vs St. Louis - It's appropriate that these teams meet in the playoffs, as they were battling for the division all year.  The Cards won it, the Pirates taking the Wild Card spot from the Reds in an easy game.  The Bucs have a ton of momentum and are coming into St. Louis hot, but the Cards are on their own roll, dominating the end of the regular season.  All year the Cardinals have knocked in runs when men are in scoring position, and if they can continue to do that they will win this series handily.  Cardinals 3-1.

NLDS - LAD vs Atlanta - The Dodgers are going to be a tough team to beat.  With Kershaw & Greinke pitching and with Puig hitting, they are hard to stop.  They went wild after the All-Star break, but since then they've cooled, losing a bunch of games that didn't really matter.  The Braves have a chance to get momentum on their side, take a few early games, and gain control of the series.  But they have to go up against that pitching, and I don't think they have what it takes to beat it.  A sweep might be in order.  Dodgers 3-0.

ALDS - TB vs Boston - The Rays are a great story right now.  A low-budget team, great pitching, scrappy players, and a will to win.  They just went on the road to beat the Blue Jays, the Rangers, and the Indians.  Now they head to Boston; Colin Cowherd says they're not a baseball team, they're a band.  But happy times might be near the end, because the Red Sox are no joke.  They are a solid team from top to bottom, have a great crowd, and have done all this before.  I like the Rays to play well, but ultimately come up short.  Red Sox 3-2.

ALDS - Detroit vs Oakland - It's the mighty A's!  Although, shouldn't it not have an apostrophe?  Anyway, the Athletics are for real, dominating a division that boasts the Rangers and the Angels.  They might have a bunch of no-names on their team, but they know how to win and they're doing it often.  The Tigers have a great team, but their best player Miguel Cabrera has been playing hurt, and no one knows how he'll do in this upcoming series.  If he doesn't play at 100%, Detroit might be in for an early exit.  Athletics 3-2.

NLCS - LAD vs St. Louis - Cardinals 4-3.

ALCS - Oakland vs Boston - Red Sox 4-2.

World Series - St. Louis vs Boston - Cardinals 4-3.

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