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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Sports - 2014 NFL Free Agency Update

It's been a wild few days as Free Agency starts and another NFL season officially begins.  We've seen a ton of surprising moves, big deals, and new homes for old players.  Let's take a look at some of the key acquisition, departures, and the teams that are making these huge splashes. 

Buffalo: Adds CB Corey Graham & LB Keith Rivers. Loses S Jarius Byrd.
Miami: Adds OT Branden Albert. Loses OT Jonathan Martin & DT Paul Soliai.
New England: Adds CB Darrelle Revis. Loses CB Aqib Talib.
New York: Adds WR Eric Decker. Loses WR Santonio Holmes and CB Cromartie.

Baltimore: Adds no one. Loses CB Corey Graham, DE Arthur Jones, & LB McClain.
Cincinatti: Adds no one. Loses OT Collins, DE Johnson, C Cook, & LB Harrison.
Cleveland: Adds LB Dansby & S Whitner. Loses LB jackson, S Ward, & QB Weeden.
Pittsburgh: Adds S Mitchell. Loses DE Ziggy Hood, LB Foote, & LB Woodley.

Houston: Adds no one. Loses DT Earl Mitchell & TE Owen Daniels.
Indianapolis: Adds DE Jones & LB Jackson. Loses RB Brown, CB Bethea, & C Satele.
Jacksonville: Adds DEs Bryant, Clemons, & Hood. Loses QB Blaine Gabbert.
Tennessee: Adds WR Dexter McCluster. Loses CB Alterraun Verner.

Denver: Adds CB Talib, S Ward, & DE Ware. Loses WR Decker & CB Bailey.
Kansas City: Adds no one. Loses OT Albert, WR McCluster, & CB Robinson.
Oakland: Adds OT Howard. Loses OT Veldheer, DE Houston, & CB Porter.
San Diego: Adds RB Brown. Loses CB Derex Cox & FB Le'Ron McClain.

Dallas: Adds DE Mincey. Loses DE DeMarcus Ware & WR Miles Austin.
New York: Adds RB Jennings. Loses LB Rivers, S Mucdy, TE Myers, & C Baas.
Philadelphia: Adds S Malcolm Jenkins. Loses WR Jason Avant.
Washington: Adds WR Roberts & CB Porter. Loses P Rocca & DE Carriker.

Chicago: Adds DE Houston, S Mundy, & S Jennings. Loses QB McCown & DE Peppers.
Detroit: Adds WR Golden Tate. Loses S Delmas & WR Burleson.
Green Bay: Adds no one. Loses S M.D. Jennings.
Minnesota: Adds DT Joseph. Loses LB Henderson, TE Carlson, & RB Gerhart.

Atlanta: Adds DLs Soliai & Jackson. Loses TE Gonzalez, CB Samuel, & LB Nicholas.
Carolina: Adds no one. Loses WR Steve Smith & S Mike Mitchell.
New Orleans: Adds S Byrd. Loses RB Sproles, S Harper, S Jenkins, & CB Greer.
Tampa Bay: Adds DE Johnson & QB McCown. Loses CB Revis & OG Joseph.

Arizona: Adds OT Veldheer & TE Carlson. Loses LB Dansby, OT Brown, & WR Roberts.
St. Louis: Adds no one. Loses OG Chris Williams & CB Cortland Finnegan.
San Francisco: Adds CB Bethea & OT Martin. Loses S Whitner & CB Rodgers.
Seattle: Adds no one. Loses DEs Bryant & Clemons and WRs Tate & Rice.


  1. Panthers just lost Ted Ginn and Captain Munnerlyn too, they're in bad shape.

    1. And I'm sure it sucks as a fan because they were so close last season, they're just a few pieces away. But instead of adding they're taking away, which also doesn't attract potential free agents (Hakeem Nicks).