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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Sports - NFL Picks 2014, Week 6

Here are my NFL Week 6 Picks
(13-2 last week, 48-28 for the season)
Bye teams: KC, NO

Ind @ Hou - Finally, a Thursday Night game that should actually make for good television.   The Colts are hot right now, winning their last three, and Luck is having an MVP-type season.  But so is J.J. Watt, the Texans are coming off an angering loss, and should TCOB at home.

NE @ Buf - I thought the Pats would win last week, though I didn't think they'd do it so easily.  I'd pick them to lose here vs a Bills team that was my preseason sleeper pick, but I just have to assume that Orton escaping with a win vs the Lions was a fluke that won't happen regularly.

Car @ Cin - The Bungles got their asses handed to them last week in a game that they were already going to lose.  Let's see how they respond now; back at home, playing with a little anger, facing a mediocre Panthers team.  Carolina's D isn't what it was last year, not by a long shot.

Pit @ Cle - I'm rooting for the lowly Brownies all the way, they're a very sad team who deserve a little excitement.  And I try to pick them when I can cause they're actually playing alright.  But sometimes a team just knows how to beat you, on the road be damned; I've gotta go with Pitt.

GB @ Mia - The Pack have played very badly away from Lambeau this season, going 1-2 on the road.  But have you seen them play lately?  I'd pick Rodgers to beat pretty much anyone right now with the way he's slinging it.  The Dophins are just a road bump team right now anyway.

Det @ Min - We're gonna see a lot of close games this week because, as it happens, a lot of superior teams are on the road facing weaker competition.  Here's one, a game I'd give to the Lions quickly were they at home.  Their defense still deserves respect though, and should carry them.

Den @ NYJ - Here's another such game, a better road team facing a struggling home team.  The Broncos are the best team in the AFC, with the Chargers nipping at their heels, proving that last week by smashing an undefeated Cardinals club.  The Jets are just sad, with 2 bad QBs.

Bal @ TB - This is wild.  NE, Pit, GB, Det, Den, Bal, SD, SF; some of the better teams in the league all on the road playing teams they should beat.  A few of those have to become surprise upsets, but I don't think that happens here.  The Ravens D is back and the Bucs are basically pathetic.

Jax @ Ten - Here's a game that's best left unwatched.  These division opponents are among the league's worst, with a combined record of 1-9.  The Jaguars have a net point total of -102.  That's a negative followed by a 102.  Just awful.  The Titans should be able to do enough to win.

SD @ Oak - Phillip Rivers has lost his mind.  He's playing excellent football, leading his team to four straight wins and a lead in the AFC West.  The SD D is playing well too, allowing the least points in the NFL.  I didn't not know that before looking it up.  Amazing.  Chargers.

Was @ Ari - The Cardinals are down to their 27th QB on the year & are coming off a blowout loss to the Broncos.  Not a recipe for a win, but thankfully they get to play the Redskins.  Wash is winless on the road and is playing terrible behind Kirk Cousins, the supposed saviour.

Chi @ Atl -  I thought for sure Chicago would win last week on the road in Carolina, given their 2-0 away record and the Panthers' weak D.  Well Jay Cutler threw a couple INTs, what else is new.  The Falcons are a tougher foe under the dome and don't lose in Atlanta.

Dal @ Sea - I have a feeling that a lot of people are going to be picking Dallas here.  The Boys are a surprising 4-1, have the league's best O-line, and are 2-0 on the road.  But in my mind the Champs are still the Champs until they are beaten at home in front of that crazy crowd.

NYG @ Phi - Barnburner alert!  This should be a wild one.  Combined, these teams have allowed 243 points, that's 24.3 points per game.  I think we could see a 34-32 score as a final, and I wouldn't be surprised by either team winning.  The G-men are hot but the Eagles are at home.  Take your pick.

SF @ STL - I have a feeling that this might be the Niners' week.  They're playing well, I think their defense steps up, and I see a big point differential in their future.  The Rams aren't pushovers, but they stink at home, can't score enough points, and aren't on the same level as SF right now.

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