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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Sports - NFL Picks 2014, Week 7

Here are my NFL Week 7 Picks
(10-4-1 last week, 58-32-1 for the season)
Bye teams: Phi, TB

NYJ @ NE - This is a bad time to play the Patriots.  Tom Terrific & Co. have just started heating up, scoring 80 points over their last two games.  Not good news for the Jets, who have allowed 62 over their last two, while only scoring 17.  And the game is in Foxboro?  Sorry Geno, not this week.

Atl @ Bal - The Falcons are a very disappointing team.  Their defense is awful and they can't win on the road, going 0-3 so far.  The Ravens, on the other hand, are playing tremendous D and are 2-1 at home.  Flacco went wild last week; look for Forsett & the RBs to pick up where he left off.

Min @ Buf - This is a tough one to call.  I'm still not ready to hop off the Buffalo bandwagon, but the Bills are a little lackluster.  Both they & the Vikings have OK stats, OK records, win some at home, lose some on the road, and basically specialize in making us yawn.  Bills I guess.

Mia @ Chi - The Bears are 0-2 at home, 3-1 on the road.  Say what?!  Those stats can't hold up, they're just too weird.  Cutler has been playing erratically, what else is new, and you can't really predict what he'll do.  But it's getting colder, the warm-weather Dolphins are in town; Da Bears.

NO @ Det - New Orleans is just awful on the road.  And although Detroit plays in a dome as well, I doubt things change here.  The Lions may be without Megatron, but remember that guy Reggie Bush?  He might want to beat his former team.  And oh yeah, Detroit's D is the best in the league.

Car @ GB - How can you pick against Aaron Rodgers at Lambeau, in October, vs a team from the South?  Especially when the Pack are undefeated at home and have won their last 3 games overall.  The Panthers tied last week, which is oddly embarrassing; this time they should just lose.

Cin @ Ind - What happened to the Cinci D?  In their first three game they allowed point totals of 16, 10, & 7.  After their bye, they allowed 43 & 37.  They're lucky to have come away with a tie, otherwise the Ravens would be winning the AFC North right now.  Not a good time to play Indy.

Cle @ Jax - I guess I better start giving the Brownies some credit.  They're 3-2, just beat the Stillers, and are feeling good.  Now, losing an away game to the 0-6 Jaguars seems like something Cleveland Of Old would do, but I gotta trust that they can beat the worst team in the league.

Sea @ STL - I stuck by the champs last week and got burned.  They got beat by a hot Cowboys team and didn't look like their usual selves.  Both offense and defense are just playing OK, not lights out like we've seen.  But hey, it's not time to rule them out, they'll win in St. Louis and be just fine.

Ten @ Was - The Redskins just played games against the Seahawks & the Cardinals and held their own in both contests.  Kirk Cousins isn't the savior some people thought he would be, but he's a good enough QB to win at home vs a pretty terrible Titans team.  RG3, you coming back soon?

KC @ SD - San Diego in the AFC, Dallas in the NFC; no teams are hotter.  Phillip Rivers is going wild, and the Charger D is playing lights out.  Not an easy game for the Chiefs, who have to go on the road inside their division and come out with a win.  I don't think they can do it.

NYG @ Dal - What's up with the G-Men?  After turning it on and convincing everyone that Eli finally understood the offense, they lay a goose egg in Philadelphia in prime time.  We all know what's up with the 'Boys; they're winning, and doing it convincingly.

Ari @ Oak - I like the Cardinals, with their solid defense and grinding style, but I smell an upset.  Watching Carr play last week would make me wary were I a mediocre team.  I know Arizona is 4-1, but they're beatable, and the Raiders are just the bunch of misfits to do it.

SF @ Den - I know I'm a homer, but the Broncos are the best team in football.  They have a bad habit of playing conservatively in the second half, otherwise we would have seen some major blowouts this season.  Peyton will break the record, Kaepernick will have a nice night, but Denver will win.

Hou @ Pit - I wouldn't put money on this game if someone paid me (see what I did there?)  Neither team has been impressive and both teams have been losing lately.  But the Steelers have looked plain bad.  They lost to the Bucs, almost lost to the Jags, and got creamed by the Browns.  Not good.

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