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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Sports - NFL Picks 2014, Week 8

Here are my NFL Week 8 Picks
(9-6 last week, 67-38-1 for the season)
Bye teams: NYG, SF 

SD @ Den - The Broncos are coming off an especially short week, having played on Sunday night.  But that game went perfectly; they scored a ton of points, Peyton broke the record, and the starters actually got to sit on the bench at the end of the game.  In Denver under the lights?  Broncos win.

Sea @ Car - What's going on with the Champs?  The Seahawks have lost the last two games and now have a 3-3 record.  They even lost at home and seem to be struggling to find an identity.  Enter Russell Wilson.  He's stepping up, taking the team on his shoulders, and will find a way.

Bal @ Cin - Since their bye week, the Bengals have gone 0-2-1, suffered a shut out, and allowed 36 per game.  I know they beat the Ravens in Baltimore earlier this season, but that seems like a whole different team now.  Flacco is playing his best football and that D is killer.  Sorry Bungles.

Mia @ Jax - Well, the Jags got their first win of the season vs the Brownies last week, but they can't celebrate for long.  The Dolphins are coming off a nice win of their own and Tannehill is playing above his usual mediocrity.  In the Battle of Florida that no one will attend, I say Miami.

STL @ KC - Did the Rams really just beat the Seahawks?  Did that just happen?  Because they're not really that good and are playing with their 9th-string QB.  But their D can produce sacks and that changes ballgames sometimes.  Alex Smith is a bit too careful for that trap I think.

Chi @ NE - The Pats are hot, the Bears are not.  Tom Brady's team seems to have woken up, while Jay Cutler has gone into hibernation.  There's no excuse for the Chicago offense not to be humming, and they do usually win on the road, going 3-1 away, 0-3 at home.  But I wouldn't put money on that.

Buf @ NYJ - I guess I better stay on the Buffalo bandwagon until the wheels fall off, which I was sure would happen when Kyle Orton took the reins.  So far the team is doing alright, despite losing both their starting RBs to injuries.  The Jets aren't good & might not be a challenge.

Min @ TB - What a gross matchup; even their colors clash.  These are two bad teams that are coming off multiple losses and can't do much right at all.  But the Bucs are coming off a bye, get a home game, and are hoping that Doug Martin can find some holes.  I grudgingly pick Tampa.

Hou @ Ten - I think the Texans are a bit better than they've shown so far, including just last Monday vs the Stillers.  Arian Foster is running the ball well, J.J. Watt is a monster, and Fitzpatrick even looks OK in spurts.  The Titans have already hit their talent ceiling and shouldn't win a ton.

Phi @ Ari - The birds!  The birds!  Although, neither of these teams are very high-flying right now.  The Cards win at home, play good D, and get the job done.  The Eagles are coming off a bye, but they've not produced yet the way they were supposed to.  The desert is a tough place to play.

Oak @ Cle - Wouldn't the Raiders love to be the second winless team to beat the Brownies in a span of two weeks?  Especially after we were all talking about how easy Cleveland's schedule was.  I like picking Oakland as spoilers sometimes, but I think the Browns take care of business this week.

Ind @ Pit - Andrew Luck & the Colts are playing as well as any team in the league right now, winning their last 5 after losing their first 2.  And actually their only road loss came in Denver, something you can't really hold against them.  Indy shut out Cinci last week and shouldn't have trouble with Pitt.

GB @ NO - This is a huge game.  More so for the Saints than the Packers actually, which makes NO a dangerous team.  They're 2-4, having lost all road games & won all home games.  GB is 2-2 on the road, and although Rodgers is playing great, I think Brees needs this game more and takes it.

Det @ Atl - The Falcons are a big fat disappointment.  They were supposed to rebound from an injury-plagued season last year; instead they're 2-5.  The Lions, on the other hand, are a big surprise, especially on the defensive side, where they have allowed the least points in the NFC.  Boom.

Was @ Dal - OMG I feel sorry for whoever has to play Dallas, be it RG3, Kirk "Sucky" Cousins, or Colt McCoy.  That's right, Colt McCoy might have to out-duel Romo, Murray, Bryant & the Boys.  And if I may suspend PC for a moment, Cowboys vs Indians might become a MNF bloodbath.

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