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Monday, January 28, 2013

Movie Trailer - Upside Down

Director: Juan Diego Solanas
Starring: Jim Sturgess, Kirsten Dunst
Release: March 15th, 2012

You take two over-dramatic actors and put them in an insultingly obvious metaphor and you probably make a lot of money.  Problem is, you probably make a crappy movie too, if you care about that at all.  Sure, the visual is interesting, but take that away and you're left with an overdone love story in which people can flip over.  Makes me a little nauseous.


  1. Look Who's Coming To Diner, I mean Upside Down. I Don't know, this looks like it has some potential. Maybe not an in theater but a home viewing.

    1. It could be alright. It'll at least look cool.