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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Sports - NFL Picks, Division

Here are my NFL Division Picks:
(I was 3-1 last week)

Bal @ Den - Three out of the four games this weekend are rematches from this season, this game being one of them.  In Week 15 the Broncos beat the Ravens 34-17 in Baltimore.  In Denver, in January, behind Peyton Manning, riding an 11 game win streak, I don't see the Broncos loosing.  The Ravens' offense has been improving, and their defense is emotionally charged right now, but they don't get to play Andrew Luck and his awful team this week.  Final: Denver 30-13
GB @ SF - Again, rematch time.  But this time you have to go back all the way to Week 1, where the Niners beat the the Pack 30-22.  At that point, Aaron Rodgers was not playing like Aaron Rodgers, the SF D. was nearly unbeatable, and Alex Smith was under center.  Things have changed, and the Packers are not anyone's punching bag.  Rodgers knows how to win when it counts, and Kaepernick just doesn't have that experience.  Sorry, Harbaugh boys, you're both out.  Final: Green Bay 24-14

Sea @ Atl - The only game that isn't a rematch.  Matty Ice and the Falcons could not be hotter, already having gone through a late season slump and ...touchdowned... there way out of it.  They're hot, at home, and hard to beat.  The Seahawks are lucky to even be here.  If RG3 had not been hurt, or possibly if he had been pulled at halftime, I think they would have lost that game and would have flown those long miles home.  I have just one word for you; Julio!  Final: Atlanta 31-20
Hou @ NE - When these two teams last met in Week 14, the Texans were considered the best team in the NFL.  They lost 14-42.  Brady and the Patriots, very simply, know how to win.  They make IT look easy and YOU look stupid.  Last round the Texans almost lost to the Bungles, and this round they will lose to the Patriots.  Look out Denver, here come the Pats!  Final: New England 27-16

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