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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Sports - NFL Picks, Conference

Here are my NFL Conference Picks:
(I was 2-2 last week.  Still not over the Broncos loss)

SF @ Atl - Wow, it's been a great postseason.  And a high-scoring one as well.  Both the Niners and the Falcons put up big points to win their opening playoff games at home.  I don't suspect that either team's defense will suddenly come to life, so look for another high points total.  Kaepernick and the Niners are a huge story, with the kid leading them in a way no one saw coming.  Matty Ice and the Falcons are no slouches, but San Fran is playing so hot right now it will be hard to stop them.  You could argue that the Seahawks should have won that game last week, while the Niners dominated their opponent.  Can the magic continue?  Final: San Francisco 34-31

Bal @ NE - I'm not bitter over the Broncos loss to the Ravens, just sad.  Baltimore played hard and never gave in, even after two return touchdowns seemed to turn the tide in the Broncos favor.  Flacco played well, and Ray Lewis is producing liquid momentum.  But you know, I just don't think it's enough.  For one things, the Ravens will be traveling to New England after what had to be an emotionally draining double overtime game.  For another, the Pats are other-wordly right now.  Their offense can do no wrong, so much so that their D doesn't even matter.  I wish Peyton had had the chance to go up against Brady for the AFC title.  Final: New England 38-23

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