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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Sports - 2013 NFL Picks, Week 14

Here are my NFL Week 14 Picks
(11-5 last week, 127-64-1 for the season)
Bye teams: none

Hou @ Jax - Remember when the Jaguars were the worst team in football?  Well now they're just second; the Texans are the worst.  Houston has lost 10 straight after starting 2-0.  Jacksonville has actually been hot, though they've not won at home yet this season.  Should change this week.

Min @ Bal - The Vikings still technically have a shot at the playoffs due to their tie.  On a side note, so do both the Jags & the Texans, oddly enough.  But the Battle of the Purple People should go Baltimore's way.  The Ravens are playing well at home and have a legitimate postseason shot.

Ind @ Cin - This is the early game to watch.  Talk about an even matchup.  Both teams are 8-4, both have looked shaky & excellent by turns, and both should be putting it all out there to win this game.  The Bengals are undefeated at home and should win this one.

Atl @ GB - There's an outside chance that Rodgers returns for this game.  If he does & plays well, the Packers might win 50-0.  If he doesn't, I think Matt Flynn has just enough to beat a horribly disappointing Falcons team.  They don't score, they can't defend, and they're 100% checked out.

Cle @ NE - Talk about an unfair matchup.  This should be an extremely lopsided game with everything going the Patriots way.  They are undefeated at home & are starting to click offensively.  The Browns are down to their, what, 9th QB of the season?  What a horrible mess.

Oak @ NYJ - Speaking of messes.  The Jets are in a free fall, losing their last 3 & looking really bad while doing so.  Geno seems like a failed experiment or at the very least like he was never ready for professional ball.  At least the Jets win at home while the Raiders lose on the road.

Det @ Phi - The Eagles have actually been winning some home games after starting the season 0-4 there.  Foles has them scoring points, but the question mark remains their defense.  We know the Lions can score points, but they can also find miraculous ways to lose games.

Mia @ Pit - Here's a very even game & one that should be close.  Both teams are mediocre, neither is very scary, and yet both can surprise you.  I'm only taking the Stillers here because I trust Big Ben more than I do Tannehill.  The Dolphins should keep it close but ultimately lose.

Buf @ TB - The Bucs have been improved recently, but it's too little too late.  Neither they or the Bills are going to make the playoffs & so this game is a complete waste of time.  At least their young QBs get some practice in and maybe come back next year ready to go.

KC @ Was - Up until now I've picked all home teams, which makes me nervous, but here's a road team that can win a game.  The Chiefs have been exposed as not elite after all, but that doesn't mean they can't score some points against one of the worst defenses in the league.  Sorry RG3.

Ten @ Den - Back to the home teams.  I thought the Broncos would have more trouble in KC last week than they did.  They're the best team in football and should take it to a sub-par Titans team.  I think Peyton wants to break the TD record and Coach Fox will let him throw in Tennessee.

STL @ Ari - I'm on the Cardinals bandwagon & even thought they could win a tough road game last week.  They didn't, but now they return home where they're 5-1.  They haven't won inside the division yet this year, but I think that changes here vs a Rams team that's just alright.

NYG @ SD - I was shocked that the Chargers only put up 10 points last week vs the Bengals.  Cinci's D is good, but that's a pretty pathetic performance.  Look for them to rebound this week.  They're still at home, playing for their playoff lives, and they get to face Eli who they kinda hate.

Sea @ SF - The Seahawks are locked in right now.  You can tell they have their sights set on the Super Bowl and nothing is going to stop them.  The Niners will try, and they've actually been playing very well lately, but I just don't think they're the same caliber team as Seattle.

Car @ NO - I've been singing the Panthers' praises from the beginning, but this game might be too much for them.  Not only are the Saints undefeated at home, but Drew Brees always goes wild playing in New Orleans under the lights in prime time.  Carolina's win streak ends here.

Dal @ Chi - If Jay Cutler doesn't play I think the Bears have zero chance in this game.  If he does, Tony Romo can still light up the surprisingly awful Chicago defense.  Either way I see the Cowboys winning and staying on top of a weak division for at least one more week.

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