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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Thought - Les Miserables

Today, thanks to the babysitting of my in-laws, my wife and I went on a date to downtown Columbus.  We went out to lunch at El Arepazo, a great hole-in-the-wall Latin restaurant that I highly recommend.  Then we visited the Ohio Statehouse and went to the Ohio theatre to see Les Mis.  It was an amazing show.  I haven't seen the movie yet because I was waiting to see the play, but I can't imagine how the film could compare to the stage version.  Excellent music, an amazing atmosphere, and a story that I will remember.  Do yourself a favor and try to find a Broadway Across America performance of Les Mis.

Anyway, I have so much to write about but so little time.  You can expect a few movie reviews soon: Bellflower, Pulp Fiction, Lagaan, and Madrid 1987.  You can also expect a couple of book reviews: Little House of the Prairie, The Neverending Story, and Lonesome Dove.  Also Part 2 of my NFL Draft Review will be posted soon.  Hope you are enjoying the blog and continue to read, as I'm having a great time writing it.  Thanks everyone.


  1. Here's what you can expect from the movie: The singing isn't as good, but it's true to the situation. Like... Eponine isn't going to be singing beautifully while she is dying. I think there is more attention to the story in the movie. I love both, but separately... if that makes sense?

    1. That makes sense. Phantom the movie isn't as good as the play, but I still like the movie because they add in some acting, even if the singing isn't as good.