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Monday, July 8, 2013

Book Review - Stuart Little

Author: E.B. White
Year: 1945

I had never read Stuart Little in school like many kids do, I missed that tradition for some reason.  I have, however, read Charlotte's Web many times, which was also written by E.B. White.  It's one of my favorite children's classics, and I was excited to read it to my kids a while back.  When I got the chance to read Stuart Little, I decided to share it with them as well.  I assumed it couldn't be quite as good as Charlotte's Web; what book is really.  But I love the way White brings animals to life and captures the love we feel for them so clearly.  Unsurprisingly, he did it once again and delivered a beautiful story that both children and adults can both fall in love with.

The story of the book follows the early life of the title character, Stuart Little.  He is a member of a pleasant family in New York City, living there with his father, mother, and older brother.  Life is fairly ordinary for Stuart, except for one little oddity; he has the size and appearance of a mouse.  But he doesn't let this difference stand in the way of having a grand and wonderful life.  Stuart quickly adapts to his house, creating ways to help him move about a home that is not quite his size.  He makes many friends, including a dental surgeon and a bird.  He goes on many adventures, including sailing a toy boat and driving a model car.  But Stuart's greatest adventure comes when he sets out to see the world, make his fortune, and become the wonderful creature that he is destined to be.

It was no great surprise that this was a very pleasant and enjoyable book.  Stuart was such a likeable character; he was charming, industrious, and incredibly positive.  I was entertained by the way he looked at life and the way he faced everyday problems & incredible accidents with the same ferocious determination.  The book was written very well, with never a dull moment and some beautifully descriptive passages.  It wasn't quite on par with Charlotte's Web; it lacked some deeper emotion that turned like into love.  But Stuart Little was a fun book, one that leaves a ton to the imagination, reads very quickly, and can be loved by both children & adults.

My rating: ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰


  1. Next, Trumpet of the Swans. I seem to remember prefering that one to Stuart little. Do we have a copy? I think there's one in WV.