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Monday, July 15, 2013

Sports - 2013 MLB All Star Break

So far it's been a very entertaining year of baseball.  The season is over halfway done and it's time for a look at where the teams stand right now and how off my predictions were from the beginning of the season.  The teams are in order of how I thought they would end up, with their actual current rank next to their name:

AL East 
  1. Yankees - (4th, 51-44) Racked my injuries early they could still make a move.
  2. Blue Jays - (5th, 45-49) Things are not going as hoped in Toronto.
  3. Red Sox - (1st, 58-39) Best team in the AL, but only the Jays are far behind.
  4. Rays - (2nd, 55-41) Finished the first half strong, very hot team for now.
  5. Orioles - (3rd, 53-43) "Crush" Davis is leading the league with 37 HRs.
AL Central
  1. Tigers - (1st, 52-42) An amazing 3-4 combo in Cabrera & Fielder.
  2. Indians - (2nd, 51-44) Holding their own so far, but not a tough division.
  3. White Sox - (5th, 37-55) I didn't think they'd be great, but wow.
  4. Royals - (3rd, 43-49) Doubt they'll make much noise in the second half.
  5. Twins - (4th, 39-53) Quickly becoming a throw-away team.
AL West
  1. Rangers - (2nd, 54-41) Only two games back, I still see them as the West winners.
  2. Angels - (3rd, 44-49) With their lineup they shouldn't be this bad.
  3. Athletics - (1st, 56-39) Didn't see them repeating last year, but so far so good.
  4. Mariners - (4th, 43-52) Sometimes I forget there's a team in Seattle.
  5. Astros - (5th, 33-61) Just as awful as advertised.  It's sad really.
NL East
  1. Nationals - (2nd, 48-47) Surprised that they're this mediocre.
  2. Phillies - (3rd, 48-48) Don't think this team in making a playoff run.
  3. Braves - (1st, 54-41) A tenacious team that's beating my expectations.
  4. Mets - (4th, 41-58) As bad as expected.  I guess it's a rebuilding year.
  5. Marlins - (5th, 35-58) Well hey, at least they're not as bad as the Astros.
NL Central
  1. Reds - (3rd, 53-42) Good team with the bad luck of being in the NL Central.
  2. Cardinals - (1st, 57-36) Best team in the NL, great all-around play.
  3. Brewers - (5th, 38-56) Surprised by how bad they're playing.
  4. Pirates - (2nd, 56-37) It's about time for a second half collapse.
  5. Cubs - (4th, 42-51) A annual non-contender that just doesn't matter.
NL West
  1. Dodgers - (2nd, 47-47) Did not think they'd be at .500 at the half way point.
  2. Giants - (4th, 41-53) A weird division that the Giants could still win.
  3. Rockies - (3rd, 46-50) A losing record but only a few games out of first.
  4. Diamondbacks - (1st, 50-45) Doing good for now, but this division is wide open.
  5. Padres - (5th, 42-54) The only team that I would count out.
Most improved teams: Blue Jays, Indians, Rockies. (The Indians, Red Sox, and the Pirates are playing well; the Blue Jays and Rockies aren't as improved as I thought they would be.)
Least successful teams: Astros, Marlins, Padres. (All very bad teams, but add the White Sox and the Twins to the list of awful clubs this year.)

World Series: Rangers vs Dodgers. (Rangers vs Cardinals seems more likely right now, but it could easily be the Red Sox or the Tigers that the Red Birds face in October.)

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