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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Thought - Flattr

So today I signed up for a Flattr account and connected it to my blog.  What is Flattr, you most definitely ask?  I just heard about it myself and just started with it, so maybe going to their website (Flattr.com) will be more helpful, but I'll try my best to explain.

Flattr is a micro-donation website made to support bloggers, artists, web designers, whatever.  People who are frequent blog/site visitors and want to support the content can donate small amounts of money to the creator by signing up with Flattr.  You make a budget, say $10 a month.  You go to different websites and "like" them, similar to liking something on Facebook.  Then, at the end of the month, your $10 is split between all the sites you "liked" and those creators get a little bit of money to held keep their website running.  So basically it's a way for small sites to make some cash without using advertising.

Now, I signed my blog up for Flattr with the hope that I too might get some "likes" from people who are already donators.  I'm not soliciting you all to sign up for Flattr and give me money.  I mean, you can if you want, be my guest, but I'm using it really as a tool to have my blog seen, because now I'm on the Flattr database and people who already use it can find me, hopefully enjoy my site, and give me a little bit of money.  We'll see, but it was free and it could be fun.

Thanks to Vanimal for telling my about Flattr, and thanks to you all for supporting 111 Archer Avenue with your visits and your time.  I hope you're enjoying reading what I have to say and checking out my reviews.  By this time next year I hope to be a part of a film critic association and perhaps have my own independent website.  Keep reading & commenting, I'm having a great time posting.

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