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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Sports - 2014 MLB All Star Break

So far it's been a very entertaining year of baseball.  The season is over halfway done and it's time for a look at where the teams stand right now and how off my predictions were from the beginning of the season.  The teams are in order of how I thought they would end up, with their actual current rank next to their name:
AL East 
  1. Red Sox - (5th, 43-52) Didn't see this coming, but they still have some time.
  2. Yankees - (3rd, 47-47) Pitching injuries have really hurt them.
  3. Rays - (4th, 44-53) Not surprising, they're just not exciting anymore.
  4. Orioles - (1st, 52-42) With the Sox & the Yanks struggling they step up.
  5. Blue Jays - (2nd, 49-47) They'll drop back down by season's end.
AL Central
  1. Tigers - (1st, 53-38) No shocker here, one of the best teams in MLB.
  2. Indians - (3rd, 47-47) Still could end up being more than mediocre.
  3. Royals - (2nd, 48-46) Pretty much where I expected them.
  4. White Sox - (4th, 45-51) Abreu has been exciting at least.
  5. Twins - (5th, 44-50) Down at the bottom where their talent dictates.
AL West
  1. Rangers - (5th, 38-57) What a disappointment.  No coming back.
  2. Athletics - (1st, 59-36) I was wrong, they can repeat last year.
  3. Angels - (2nd, 57-37) A strong team right in the hunt.
  4. Mariners - (3rd, 51-44) Not a pushover team at all.
  5. Astros - (4th, 40-56) Bad as expected, but not Ranger bad.
NL East
  1. Braves - (2nd, 52-43) Tied for 1st place, will make noise in the playoffs.
  2. Phillies - (5th, 42-53) Should be better; Utley can't do it all.
  3. Nationals - (1st, 51-42) Only a matter of time before Atlanta takes control.
  4. Mets - (3rd, 45-50) Another "rebuilding year" for the Metropolitans.
  5. Marlins - (4th, 44-50) They're not laughable, but they're not great.
NL Central
  1. Cardinals - (2nd, 52-44) Injuries have really hurt them (Molina, Garcia).
  2. Reds - (3rd, 51-44) Another team with nagging injuries but with hope.
  3. Pirates - (4th, 49-46) Not a shock they they're just OK.
  4. Brewers - (1st, 53-43) Won't be at the top of the Central for much longer.
  5. Cubs - (5th, 40-54) Bad as expected & then they trade away their ace.
NL West
  1. Dodgers - (1st, 54-43) A team that is scary good and could win it all.
  2. Giants - (2nd, 52-43) Right back at the top where their talent belongs.
  3. Diamondbacks - (5th, 40-56) Too far behind the Dodgers to matter.
  4. Rockies - (4th, 40-55) Tulo can't carry the team, though he tries.
  5. Padres - (3rd, 41-54) Might be 3rd but are worst than that.  
Most improved teams: Mariners, Phillies, Giants. (Mariners, Brewers, Giants)
Least successful teams: Astros, Twins, Cubs. (Rangers, Twins, Cubs)
World Series: Red Sox vs Dodgers. (Tigers vs Dodgers)

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