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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Sports - Advice from FanDuel

Here's a little fantasy football advice from Ben Ridge & FanDuel.com

Philip Rivers Could Make San Diego A Super Bowl Contender

Last season, there were more than a few people surprised that the San Diego Chargers were able to make the playoffs. Many thought it would be a rebuilding process for them, especially with the new coaching staff. However, they made the playoffs and won a game in the wild card round. Philip Rivers is not satisfied, and he is hoping to have even more success individually in fantasy football and collectively with his team.

Rivers has the reputation of a guy who at some times turns the ball over too much and does not get enough protection from his offensive line. However, he is arguably coming off his best season ever with the San Diego Chargers, as he was able to pass for around 4500 yards and 32 touchdowns in 2013. He took control of the offense very well, as he was only picked off a total of 11 times.

In fantasy football, Rivers is considered to be a backup quarterback according to most. He has the chance to put up some pretty nice numbers this year, and he could work himself inside the top 10. That is why he is being slept on not only in fantasy football, but in the NFL in general.

The defense is better in San Diego, and the offense is healthier. Rivers was able to do quite a bit with a depleted roster last year, so theoretically they could be even better in 2014. Yes, guys like Keenan Allen will need to back up lofty numbers from a season ago, but this team is definitely going to be dangerous out West. After years and years of underachieving, it might be time for San Diego to be an under the radar Super Bowl contender. All it takes is a solid quarterback stepping his game up to another level to roll off a few wins.

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