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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Sports - Pater Familias 2014

Fantasy Football season is here!
Here is my team:

QB - Jay Cutler (Chi) - I'm hoping for 30+ TDs and a career year.
QB - Russell Wilson (Sea) - Just in case Cutler tanks, or the Hawks play the Bears.

RB - Adrian Peterson (Min) - Old reliable in a purple shirt.  AP all day.
RB - Montee Ball (Den) - I'm a Broncos fan but I'm not being a homer.
RB - Bishop Sankey (Ten) - We'll see when/if he starts, but he's got talent.
RB - Fred Jackson (Buf) - Quietly scores much more than people realize.

WR - Brandon Marshall (Chi) - Cutler to Marshall should be a nice combo.
WR - Andre Johnson (Hou) - He's not a superstar, but man the guy gets yards.
WR - Jeremy Maclin (Phi) - The Eagles should score and Maclin should get a piece.
WR - Reggie Wayne (Ind) - The old man; not a bad off-the-bench fill-in.

TE - Vernon Davis (SF) - He may not equal last season, but 10 TDs is possible.
TE - Charles Clay (Mia) - Backup TEs are not a vital necessity.

K - Justin Tucker (Bal) - Scored a ton of fantasy points last year.
K - Dan Carpenter (Buf) - I don't know why, but I'm rooting for the Bills to succeed.

Def - San Francisco - A stout D that can find the endzone.
Def - Pittsburgh - Not the beast it once was, but not terrible either.

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