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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Sports - NFL Picks 2014, Week 1

Here are my NFL Week 1 Picks
(0-0 last week, 0-0 for the season)
Bye teams: none

GB @ Sea - For the Packers, it's got to feel great just having Rodgers back.  When he's at the helm, GB can win any week, even with their bad defense.  But I like the way Wilson has played this preseason, teams fear Seattle's D, and I can't see them losing in from of the 12th man at home.

NO @ Atl - As good as the Saints were last year, as much as I think they'll be great this year, they have trouble with road games, going 3-5 last season.  The Falcons are ecstatic to have Julio back healthy, Matty Ice has been slinging the ball well, and I expect a bit of an upset here.

Cin @ Bal - Despite scoring much more than the other teams in their division last season, despite allowing a ton less, the Bengals were only 3-3 when it mattered most.  They seem to enjoy losing to the Ravens & Steelers, especially on the road.  I like Baltimore's offense and I think they'll win a lot.

Buf @ Chi - These are my bandwagon teams, as I have them both making the playoffs.  They both have offensive potential and defensive problems, but the Bills have looked awful this preseason.  I'm about ready to jump off, and I think a lot of other people will too when they lose right out of the gate.

Was @ Hou - In a matchup of teams that had miserable years last year and should only have slightly less miserable years this season, it's hard to pick a "winner".  I think the Texans D will be better, especially with Watt & Clowney coming off the edges, so RG3 better keep his knee on a swivel.

Ten @ KC - I have the Chiefs taking a step back this year; I think they were exposed last season as being predictably improved but not elite.  But I don't think they lose this one.  The Titans aren't pushovers, but neither is the KC D, so this game should turn out to be a low-scoring slugfest that stays close.

NE @ Mia - This is my first away team pick of the week; no surprise that's it's the Pats vs a divisional opponent.  NE didn't dominate last season on the road or against their division, but they also didn't have Gronk or much chemistry for most of the year.  A good offseason will lead to a good Week 1.

Oak @ NYJ - I've been impressed with Derek Carr this season and even more impressed that the Raiders did something right.  But they have the oldest roster in the NFL; do they really think they're poised to win right now?  I don't,  and I think the Jets have the defense to stop them.

Jax @ Phi - I'm a big believer in the Eagles this year.  I usually don't get excited about "college coaches", but Chip Kelly has won me over.  His offensive scheme is something to fear, and I think he has the toys he needs to put up a lot of points.  I see the Jags as an improved team, but not enough.

Cle @ Pit - The Browns make me sad.  They have no idea what to do in the draft, no idea which QB to play, and basically no clue as to how to be a successful team.  I'm tired of their pathetic ways, but I doubt the Steelers are tired of the easy wins.  Big Ben is poised for a nice season.

Min @ STL - I won't be picking the Vikings to win many times this season, so don't get excited.  Other than Adrian Peterson & Cordarelle Patterson, they don't have much going for them, but I think they can take a team led by Shaun Hill.  The Rams lose a low-scoring affair here.

SF @ Dal - This game could be a barn-burner.  Kaep & Co. vs a terrible Dallas D should be able to score at will, but I think Romo & Dez can do their fair share of damage, even against a solid Niners team.  The Boys might try to win this one at the end  like they always do, but I think this time they fail.

Car @ TB - I don't like either of these teams, as I think the Panthers will take several steps back.  I don't see Cam having a great season, any more than I see McCown leading his team to victories.  But Cam's banged up, Carolina has to travel to Tampa, and I think the Bucs can pull one out.

Ind @ Den - No Matt Prater, no Wes Welker, no problem.  Peyton & the Broncos lost last year to the Colts in Indy, but that was an emotional game for Manning and I think he'll put that behind hms this time around.  Denver's D in improved and their offense should be hummin.

NYG @ Det - I can root for the Lions a bit more this season after they let go of the biggest moron in sports, Jim Schwartz.  He's someone else's problem now, and Detroit can just focus on winning.  That's been their problem really, closing out games that they should have won; start now.

SD @ Ari - The Cardinals were a bit of a surprise last season, but no one will be sleeping on them this year.  They've had a bit of offseason upheaval, especially on the defensive side of the ball, but they're still a quality team who plays well at home. And  I don't have much faith in Rivers.

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