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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Sports - NFL Picks 2014, Week 2

Here are my NFL Week 2 Picks
(11-5 last week, 11-5 for the season)
Bye teams: none

Pit @ Bal - Last week the Ravens looked pathetic, mismanaging the clock & sputtering on offense.  And after Ray Rice Week, I don't think they'll be present for this game.  The Steelers looked dominant vs the Browns, relaxing in the 2nd half for some reason, something I doubt they do in Baltimore.

Mia @ Buf - This game will go a long way in deciding which of these teams is the real deal.  They both won last week where they shouldn't have, but I think the Bills have the better chance to continue.  Their fans are behind them, they have a new owner; they'll win a close one.

Det @ Car - I know the Panthers won last week, but they were playing a Bucs team that I don't think will be any good.  The Lions beat a sad team too, so we can't read much into last week.  But Stafford & Megatron are in sync, Cam Newton will be a bit rusty, and Detroit will be 2-0.

Atl @ Cin - The Bengals have been a good home team recently and are coming off a nice win vs the Ravens.  The Falcons won as well, beating the Saints in OT, but aren't usually great on the road.  This could be a high-scoring affair, with Cinci coming out on top late.

NO @ Cle - I called for the Saints to lose last week in Atlanta.  They just aren't good on the road and the Falcons are fiery.  The Browns, however, are not.  I'm dismissing their comeback last week, marking it up to the Steelers backing off.  I can't see Brees getting less than 3 TDs in this one.

NE @ Min - I think Vikings fans have a little bit to cheer about.  They beat the Rams & are now playing a Patriots team that got torched last week by RBs.  I can't remember, does Minnesota have a good running back?  Brady & Co. could be in a world of hurt after this one.

Ari @ NYG - They say it'll take about half the season for Eli to pick up the intricacies of his new offense.  Makes sense, but that's bad news for Giants fans.  They're at home, but people there are burning Manning jerseys, not rallying behind their team.  The Cardinals should win.

Dal @ Ten - The Titans have to feel good about beating the Chiefs in KC last week, and they'll be taking that momentum home.  The Cowboys, on the other hand, can't feel good about anything.  Could this finally be the year that Jerry Jones gets fed up & fires everybody?

Jax @ Was -  I know the Jaguars gave the Eagles a game last week and that their team is improving, but they ended up getting blown out and looking like the crappy team of old.  The Redskins are just as bad, RG3's play is starting "bust" whispers, but maybe they can win at home.  Maybe.

Sea @ SD - The Champs are still the Champs until they get beat.  They creamed the Packers last week, had extra time to prepare for the Chargers, and should whoop up on 'em.  Phillip Rivers is the same old Phillip Rivers, unlikable face and all, and I love watching his lose.

STL @ TB - What are the Rams down to, their ninth starting QB?  And then they lose Chris Long?  What a mess.  A lot of people, not me, are picking the Bucs to do well this year.  I guess they better start now if they're gonna make that happen, cause 0-2 is a deep hole.

KC @ Den - The Broncos are the only team from the AFC West that won last week.  They're also the only ones that scored over 17 points.  With the injuries that the Chiefs just suffered, I think this one could be a blowout.  Look for Montee Ball to go a little crazy.

NYJ @ GB - Never bet against Aaron Rodgers.  I mean, I picked the Pack to lose last week, sure, but they never stay down long when Rodgers is playing.  They'll bounce back this week vs the Jets who played well last week but not perfectly.  Could be close, but not too close.

Hou @ Oak - Are the Texans back?  They sure took care of the Redskins last week, while the Raiders got taken care of by the Jets.  I don't love Ryan Fitzpatrick, but I think he knows enough to throw the ball to Andre and hand the ball to Adrian.  We'll see how Carr fares in this one.

Chi @ SF - Jay Cutler better start slinging the ball if he's gonna win the MVP like some people predict.  Both his WRs are a little banged up, but he'll still score TDs.  The Niners can limit them, if not stop them, but they can also score points with the big dogs, so watch out.

Phi @ Ind - If you watched the SNF game last week you saw the Colts playing badly.  Yeah they scored in the 2nd half, but the Broncos had really let up by then.  Contrastly, the Eagles played really well in the 2nd half of their game.  Their offense is scary good and should win.

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