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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Sports - NFL Picks 2014, Week 3

Here are my NFL Week 3 Picks
(8-8 last week, 19-13 for the season)
Bye teams: none

TB @ Atl - The Falcons started the season off with a bang, beating NO in OT.  Then they got crushed by Cinci on the road.  They obviously prefer to play inside in Atlanta, and they'll be home in this one.  The Bucs lose no matter where they play, so I wouldn't pick them here.

SD @ Buf - With the Chargers beating the Seahawks last week, some people are ready to call them the best team in the league.  Have you not see Rivers play before?  He's up & down, and if I had to put money on it I'd say he'll be down this week vs a very hot Bills team.

Ten @ Cin - Speaking of hot teams, the Bengals are undefeated and looking undefeatable.  I don't think Dalton is a superstar, but who says you have to be when you're surrounded by talent?  I think Cinci will lose their fair share of games going forward, but not this week.

Bal @ Cle - If the Browns can beat the Saints at home can they do the same vs the Ravens?  Perhaps.  Baltimore surprised me last week, and if they cream the Brownies here I'll start believing in them.  But Cleveland is excited right now; don't tell the poor folks that it's fleeting.

GB @ Det - Aaron Rodgers just doesn't lose to the Lions.  I know GB has an awful defense and that Megatron will probably light 'em up.  But I wouldn't bet against Rodgers mounting a fourth quarter comeback in a very high-scoring game to win it all and crush Detroit's spirit.

Ind @ Jax - Don't give up on the Colts.  They opened their season vs the Broncos & the Eagles.  Not an easy schedule.  Yes they're 0-2, but that won't last long.  The Jaguars are 0-2 as well and can't score points.  That's not good, especially vs an angry Andre Luck & Co.

Oak @ NE - Charles Woodson said it himself about the Raiders; "We suck."  Yes, yes they do.  They have an old roster & a young QB; not the recipe for success.  The Pats have a few problems of their own, and picking against Oakland is always dangerous, but I have to go with NE.

Min @ NO - The Saints are another 0-2 team that shouldn't be losing hope.  They had two tough road games to open the season, made some mistakes, but should win this week.  The Vikings are minus Adrian Peterson, away from home, and have to face a determined Drew Brees.

Hou @ NYG - The Texans hard-hitting defense is back.  And, oh my, they get to go up against the G-men.  I think the over/under on how many times Eli will turn the ball over should be 7.  This could turn into a rout, and I don't think home field is much of an advantage right now.

Was @ Phi - Surprise surprise, RG3 is injured.  He'll be out for weeks; time to turn once again to Kirk Cousins.  Now, I like the guy and I think he's the better option.  But the stats show that he's a better replacement than he is a starter, and the Eagles are a team on a mission right now.

Dal @ STL - I actually feel bad for the Rams right now.  Jeff Fisher has an impossible job and St. Louis fans deserve a better team.  I think the Cowboys, as inconsistent as they are, come in and take care of business vs a team that can't score points or defend home turf.

SF @ Ari - The Niners are not coming to this game happy.  They got beat late by the Bears last week and should be looking for someone to take their anger out on.  The Cards might be winning this division, but it's early and they're not the best team; time will tell.

KC @ Mia - I said early that the Chiefs are an overrated team that won't make the playoffs.  So far that's proven to be true, as they are 0-2 and can't score.  Jamaal Charles is hurt, which doesn't help, though I might have picked them in a close one had this been a home game.

Den @ Sea - The four best offenses in the league: Broncos, Saints, Eagles, aaaaand the Seahawks.  That's a bit of a surprise; it's not just their defense that's great.  Yes they lost a tough game at San Diego, but they've proven they can beat Denver, will be playing mad, and should win.

Pit @ Car - I don't know what to do about the Panthers.  I don't like their team this year, they aren't playing particularly well, but they keep winning.  I guess I better start picking them.  At least this week anyway, vs a Steelers team that's nothing special and is playing on the road.

Chi @ NYJ - Cutler-to-Marshall anyone?  I lauded these guys in my fantasy post, drafted them for my team, and hope to keep enjoying their success.  As long as Cutler can stay upright, as long as Marshall can stay healthy, these guys are going to lead the Bears to wins.

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