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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Sports - 2013 NFL Picks, Week 3

Here are my NFL Week 3 Picks
(14-2 last week, 25-7 for the season)
Bye teams: none

KC @ Phi - First game of the week and it might be the toughest to pick.  The Chiefs are off to a terrific start, as most people predicted they would be.  Their defense is strong, but their offense is just OK.  I think the Eagles can put up enough points in spurts to take the game.

Hou @ Bal - I take that back; this one is a toss up too.  The Ravens have looked bad so far, with a blowout loss in Denver and a messy win vs Cleveland.  I think they'll improve as the season rolls along, but the Texans are no pushovers.  They are undefeated and coming to town.

NYG @ Car - Both of these teams are 0-2, playing sloppy, and looking like the playoffs are a million miles away.  But at least the Panthers have been playing good defense, if only their offense would step it up.  Well Merry Christmas, here come the Giants, most points allowed in the league.

GB @ Cin - I watched the Bengals on MNF and I saw a good team.  They play strong D, they can run the ball, and they're athletic.  Sounds like a lot of playoff teams over the years.  Problem is, their QB is just OK and their coach stinks.  Fix one of those and they could be SB bound.

STL @ Dal - Somehow the Cowboys are winning their division.  They don't seem like an elite team, but no one ever said to have to be to win games.  They win when they play at home and the Rams lose when they play on the road.  Sounds like a recipe for a Big D victory.

Cle @ Min - Someone's about to get their first win, and it probably won't be the Browns.  They have scored 16 points this season.  Total.  To put that in perspective the Broncos have scored 90.  And now their starting QB is out, so look for them to play even worse than usual.

TB @ NE - The Patriots have only scored 3 TDs total in two weeks.  The Bucs have scored 4.  Both teams have scored & allowed similarly small numbers, but somehow the Pats are 2-0 and the Bucs are 0-2.  Bad luck I guess, or maybe having Tom Brady on your team is enough.

Ari @ NO - A similar story here, as the Saints are not putting up the numbers that we are all accustomed to.  It's early & I'm sure they'll figure things out, but right now they're just a mediocre team.  However, they win at home and you know someday Brees will get hot.  Why not now?

SD @ Ten - The Chargers are putting up the points right now.  Eddie Royal looks like the best thing since french toast & Phillip Rivers is cooking.  But that won't last, they'll falter, and they'll lose to some bad teams.  This week?  I say no.  I think they still hot a little while longer.

Det @ Was - Things are not going very well for RG3.  There has even been some speculation that he could be benched.  I don't see that happening.  He'll warm up & the offense will be OK.  It's the defense that's the problem, and the Lions are about to light them up.

Atl @ Mia - I picked the Dolphins to win last week in an upset, which they did, and I think this week it's less and upset & more a sure bet.  They're playing good D, putting up enough points, and fans are excited for the home opener.  I love Matty Ice & the Falcons, but this is a tough draw.

Buf @ NYJ - The Jets are actually ahead of the Bills in the standings, with both teams at 1-1.  But anyone who's been watching knows that Buffalo is a team on the rise and they are the better ball club.  E.J. Manuel vs Geno Smith; should be a fun game to watch.

Jax @ Sea - I can't remember the last time I saw a matchup as lopsided as this one.  The Seahawks should utterly destroy the Jaguars, with a possible final score of 41-3.  Now, sometimes good teams fall into trap games, but I don't see that happening, not this time.

Ind @ SF - The Colts score more and allow less points than the Niners.  So normally I'd be going with Indy.  But San Fran was embarrassed last week in Seattle, and I look for them to play angry and physical.  The Colts will win games this year, but bad timing loses them this one.

Chi @ Pit - The Bears aren't as good as their 2-0 record might lead us to believe.  They barely won home games vs the Bengals and the Vikings, two teams that aren't great.  If the Steelers were playing anything near good football I'd pick them here, but unfortunately for them they are not.

Oak @ Den - I don't want to jinx it & say that this game should be as uneven as the Jax vs Sea game, but it really ought to.  The Broncos are in a whole other level when compared to the Raiders, and even an old rivalry shouldn't be enough to make this a close contest.

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