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Monday, September 2, 2013

Sports - Fantasy Advice

A little fantasy advice brought to you by FanDuel.com

Late Round Running Back Fantasy Sleepers To Focus On In 2013-2014

The NFL season is a week away, which means that a lot of fantasy football owners are making their final adjustments before everything gets started. Even if you have already held your draft, the players listed below could still be available on the waiver wire. Pick them up now, or at least keep an eye on them early in the season to see if they can contribute. 

Kenjon Barner - RB Car
With Jonathan Stewart out for the Carolina Panthers, the touches for DeAngelo Williams and Kenjon Barner are expected to go up. Williams is getting all the hype, but Barner is the bigger sleeper. Barner’s size limits him some, but Williams will need support. 

Christine Michael - RB Sea
Like Barner, Michael is pencilled in as a backup to enter the season. However, Michael is playing behind one of the best running backs in the game in Marshawn Lynch. So where will his touches come from? Pete Carroll loves to rush the football, so he will get plenty of opportunities. Lynch has been a major workhorse these past two seasons, so the team would be smart to limit him a little in the regular season. He’s a very versatile back who can also catch some passes from quarterback Russell Wilson if need be. 

Danny Woodhead - RB SD
Wherever Danny Woodhead goes, he seems to be overlooked. However, being a part of the New England Patriots definitely put him on the mind of fantasy football owners everywhere. In San Diego, he will be asked to fill the same type of role as Darren Sproles in the past. Used on third downs and other unique situations, Woodhead should be able to provide enough value to warrant a late fantasy football draft pick, or at least a look on the waiver wire.

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