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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Sports - 2013 NFL Picks, Week 11

Here are my NFL Week 11 Picks
(10-4 last week, 99-48 for the season)
Bye teams: Dal, STL

Ind @ Ten - Neither of these teams is great and yet they're #1 & #2 in the AFC East.  I'm not on the Colts bandwagon, even after they beat Denver; they lose at weird times.  But they are good on the road & are visiting the Titans, a team that just lost their young QB for the season.

NYJ @ Buf - The Jets have been surprising everyone with their wins, but a look at the statistics makes me cynical.  It feels like bubble-bursting time and I think the Bills can do it.  E.J. Manuel is back & knocking the rust off & the Jets are a very bad road team, so look for an "upset" here.

Bal @ Chi - Some people are saying that the Bears are better off with McCown starting & Cutler on the bench.  Umm, no.  But this week they don't have a choice, given Jay's injury.  If the Ravens can get their head out of their collective butt then they can easily win this game.

Cle @ Cin - Oh the Bungles.  My Cinci fan friends are ready to tear their hair out and/or run the Ginger Ninja out of town.  To me the problem is coaching, and as long as Marvin Lewis is in charge the Bengals will remain unpredictably hot&cold.  But for this week, they are undefeated at home.

Oak @ Hou - The sound that came out of my mouth at seeing this matchup was "Bleeeegh".  I can't think of a game that I'd be less likely to watch, although I do feel kind of bad for the Texans.  Case Keenum is doing OK and the Raiders never win away from Oakland, so give this one to Houston.

Ari @ Jax - Hey the Jaguars got their first win last week!  Celebrate & try to forget that you lost all your other ones.  But you know, momentum is a tricky thing, and although I like the Cards I think the Jags get another win right now, as Arizona is terrible on the road & Jax can only go up.

Was @ Phi - Strange statistic; the Eagles are 5-1 away & 0-4 at home.  That is very odd, but I think it changes this week.  Nick Foles has Philly flying high & that Redskins defense is just awful.  If RG3 doesn't go wild, which he doesn't seem capable of this season, then the Iggles should win.

Det @ Pit - The Lions are for real.  Statistically they don't jump off the page, but they're finding a way to win & using their tools effectively.  Now, I still don't like them, especially their coach, but I don't have to root for them to predict that they'll pick apart Pittsburgh's no-longer-great defense.

Atl @ TB - No one is winless anymore, as Tampa got their first W of the season last week too.  And with that one win they are only one game behind Atlanta.  Hard to believe but true, as the Falcons have had the season from hell.  I like Matty Ice, but he's been exposed as a mediocre quarterback.

SD @ Mia - The Martin/Incognito fiasco is a big distraction in Miami, regardless of what they say.  Two of their O-linemen are MIA (no pun intended) and the whole organization is under the microscope.  They lost last week to a bad team and should lose this week to an average one.

SF @ NO - This is the 4pm game to watch.  The Niners are coming off a loss & should be playing hard.  The Saints are coming off a blowout win & should be flying high.  But the key to the game is simple; New Orleans doesn't lose at home, period.  Brees & Co. should win a close one here.

GB @ NYG - There's trouble in Green Bay.  Not only is Aaron Rogers out but so is his backup.  They're down to their 3rd string guy & just signed a guy they cut loose not too long ago.  The Giants are actually playing good football right now & should win this home game pretty easily.

Min @ Sea - This one shouldn't even be close.  I know the Vikings won last week, but they are a very bad team with not much hope at all.  The Seahawks are the cream of the NFC, boasting a surprising 2nd best net points in the league behind the Broncos.  12th man power!

KC @ Den - Speaking of Denver, here's the Game of the Week.  The two best teams in the league square off.  KC is undefeated & allow the least points.  Denver has an offense that can't be stopped & are breaking records left & right.  Should be a great game with the Broncos coming out of top.

NE @ Car - I've been talking up the Panthers defense to anyone who'll listen.  It's for real & even when Cam isn't playing great it can keep them in the game.  Last week's win in SF was a statement game, one that the Pats had better learn from.  Brady might have a frustrating night come Monday.

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