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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Sports - 2013 NFL Picks, Week 13

Here are my NFL Week 13 Picks
(7-6-1 last week, 116-59-1 for the season)
Bye teams: none

GB @ Det - Well the Lions lost another one they shouldn't have.  Good thing the other teams in their division suck because Detroit seems to be looking for a way out of the playoffs.  With Rodgers still down the Packers don't really stand a chance in this one, even with the Mighty Flynn.

Oak @ Dal - Another team that likes to lose and is lucky that they're at the top of their division despite some very poor play.  Romo looked good last week & the Boys always play well at home.  Add that to the fact that the Raiders can't win on the road.  Happy Thanksgiving for Dallas.

Pit @ Bal - This is a really tough one to call.  The Steelers have been doing great lately, going on a 3 game win streak after starting the season 2-6.  Big Ben is finally scoring some points, but I have to go with the home team here.  The Ravens are 4-1 at home and should win a close game.

TB @ Car - The Panthers got a bit of a scare last week in a game that wasn't that surprising given the context.  They're still a great team and will look to play focused football this week vs a Tampa team that has won 3 in a row after starting 0-8.  Carolina 4-1 at home, Bucs 1-4 away.

Jax @ Cle - The Jags are actually starting to win a few games and don't look quite as pathetic.  And both their wins have come on the road, so they shouldn't be counted out of this game.  And don't forget that Weeden is back as QB for the Browns, which is good sign for their opponent.

NE @ Hou - The Texans have now lost 9 in a row after starting 2-0.  They may have passed the Jaguars as the worst team in football.  The Pats are coming off a huge win vs the Broncos and are starting to click.  That's a bad thing for any team they face the rest of the season.

Ten @ Ind - The Colts have been playing some very bad football lately, but most likely will still win their division.  A win here would aid that goal and I think they can get the job done at home.  They're a better team than the Titans, they just have to show it over the course of 60 minutes.

Chi @ Min - So what's worse; losing Jay Cutler or having Christian Ponder?  The Vikings won't be good until Ponder is gone, but the Bears are reeling without their gunslinging QB.  Adrian Peterson should be able to do enough to lead him team to victory over the awful Chicago defense.

Mia @ NYJ - The Jets have had the month from hell.  They are now out of the playoffs, have scored the second least amount of points on the year, and Geno seems to be in a giving mood; turning over balls with fervor.  If they're to get back on track they need a home win right here.

Ari @ Phi - Talk about a hot team.  Arizona is firing on all cylinders and can match up well with any team they face.  They're much better at home, but given the Eagles' poor record in Philly you've got to think that the Cards must feel pretty confident.  Palmer vs Foles; surprisingly relevant.

Atl @ Buf - I just can't stop feeling sorry for the Falcons.  This season has been a nightmare that won't end and they don't deserve that.  Unfortunately it doesn't matter, teams continue to beat them up.  They are winless on the road and will most likely lose against a solid Buffalo team.

STL @ SF - A tough division game, could go either way.  The Rams have been playing well, but so have the Niners, as they seem to have figured out a solution to some of their problems.  I may not be a big Kaep fan, but he's talented enough to beat this upstart St. Louis team.

Den @ KC - It's probably the last time I'll do it this season, but I've got to pick against my Broncos again.  That loss last week was stomach-turning rather than lesson-teaching and I don't think they react well to it.  And a cold weather game in KC where even bad Chiefs teams beat us?

Cin @ SD - Well-coached teams come off byes playing their best football.  Poorly-coached teams come off looking rusty.  I'm gonna say the Bengals are the latter.  They've not been playing great football, Rivers has been pretty hot, and this is a touch matchup that they'll probably lose.

NYG @ Was - So who do you pick here; the bad away team or the awful home team?  Neither team deserves much confidence,  but at least the Giants were looking better before they lost last week to the 'Boys.  The Skins haven't looked good all year and I doubt they start.

NO @ Sea - This is a simple numbers game.  Both the Saint and the Seahawks are excellent teams and will probably play each other for the right to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl.  But New Orleans is 3-2 on the road while Seattle in undefeated at home.  The 12th man wins.

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